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Dewa Fan Joins Dewa United Esports, So What?

The shocking news came from Dadang Subur aka the Fan God. Dewa Fan joins Dewa United Esports. Yes, he is officially part of the relatively new esports team.

This news was announced through their official Instagram account @DewaUnitedEsports. “Welcome Mr. Dadang (Dewa Fan) to the Dewa United Community, let’s join the Dewa United community,” wrote Dewa United in the caption.

The figure of Pak Dadang is indeed on the rise since defeating the number 1 chess player in the world, GothamChess aka Levy Rozman.

After that, he was challenged by the Woman Grand Master, the number 1 chess player in Indonesia, Irene Kharisma. This match was also conducted at the request of Dedy Corbuzier.

A few days after the controversial match, Dewa United Esports invited Pak Dadang to play chess with his team. The result, Pak Dadang won 2-0.

Dewa Fan Joins Dewa United Esports To Become a Pro Player or Brand Ambassador?

Reporting from DetikNET, Pak Dadang’s son, Ali Akbar, said his father did not join as a pro player. Furthermore, he emphasized that this was a series of events from Dewa United Esports as a sponsor when Pak Dadang was in Jakarta.

“Actually not fully joined. At first the Dewa United team only wanted to send us shirts and jackets. But when there was news that my father was going to compete with GM Irene, they became all sponsors,” said Ali.

Dadang and his son have officially become part of Dewa United. They have also talked with the boss of the esports team and participated in a number of events that were held.

“Because they are considered family, they will also always help with our business if one day they come to Jakarta again,” he added.

Ali emphasized that the essence of the post that was presented on Dewa United Esports’ Instagram was not as a pro player because the team did not have a chess division.

Septemberbe, Dewa Kipas joining Dewa United Esports is just a brand ambassador to boost the popularity of Dewa United Esports, which was just inaugurated last September 18.

In addition to the esports division, Dewa United itself has other divisions, namely basketball and professional football teams. This team has actually been active in the Indonesian esports world for a long time, previously named Louvre Esports which later reincarnated as Dewa United Esports.

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