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DanMachi Manga Adaptation Change Mangaka!

16th edition of the magazine Young Gangan Square Enix announced that a manga adaptation of the original novel series by Fujino Omori title DanMachi will get a replacement mangaka last Friday.

By posting on Taisei Yamachi . Twitter accounthe also shared the announcement that the DanMachi series will take over as mangaka starting in the magazine’s 18th issue on September September 6 future.

Yamachi will rework the manga with Haruhime Arcwhich features the original seventh volume of the novel series.

Previously, a manga adaptation of this series was launched by Kunieda in 2013. The manga continues through distribution on the Gangan Online website. The manga’s 10th volume was released last September 2022. The English language of the manga was released by Yen Press.

Likewise for the English version of the DanMachi light novel series which was also published by Yen Press. Don’t forget the manga Arc Sword Oratoria. Do you have an opinion or have something to say? Write in the comments column.

Source: ANN