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Counter Lancelot Mobile Legends (ML) with the following 5 heroes & items!

Hero & Item Counter Lancelot

Lancelot is assassin heroes in
Mobile Legends game

with specialization burst and charge.
Hero assassins this one is very famous for its effects
blink-which is very much so that it makes it difficult to be caught by the opponent.

In META now, Lancelot is quite dominantly used in the position of
jungler, because hero it has burst damage which is quite large since the phase early gamesupported also by its high mobility, as well as the effect immune from skill 2
“Thorned Rose” which makes Lancelot more flexible in providing damage.

Not only that, Lancelot’s ability to win the objective is also very superior when compared to jungler heroes another. Only armed with skill 2 and retribution Of course, Lancelot can definitely win the duel retributionso that your team can dominate games more easily.

However, it turns out that Lancelot’s various abilities can still becounter by some hero following. Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the discussion.


1. Kufra


Since the beginning of its release, Kufra is already well-known as a
hero counter for the assassin which have
blink skillssuch as Lancelot for example.

Skill 2 “Bounce Ball” possessed by Kufra has an anti . effect blink which he could use to block Lancelot’s movement, especially when Lancelot was
Tang ting ting ting with his 1st skill.

You just use skill 2 “Bounce Ball” from this Kufra when Lancelot was about to do dash towards you. If
timingIf it is right, then Lancelot’s movement will be stuck in Kufra’s position and will not be able to pass it, because this 2 Kufra skill will end the effect blink of the Lancelot skill.

Besides being able to block Lancelot’s movements, Kufra can also directly do lock to Lancelot easily. By utilizing a large area of ​​skill 1 “Tyrant’s Revenge”Kufra can directly give surprise attack to Lancelot from a faraway place.

2. Akai


Who doesn’t know hero This one fat panda?

Since long ago, Akai has been known as hero counter all
assassin, including Lancelot. No matter how agile
assassin heroes that you are using, if it has been hit
ultimate Akai, then the history is over.

Ultimate Akai has an effect knockback continuously, and if the skill is aimed at the wall, then nothing
hero that can get away from it. This effect makes all
assassin heroes overwhelmed against Akai, because if they were already affected knockback and pinned to the wall, then nothing hero others who can help.

Even though it’s true ultimate Akai is very difficult to use, but its effectiveness is very high. After all, with the effect being an area damagethen Akai can give effect
knockback to more than one hero at once for the duration ultimateis going on.

But keep in mind also that Akai is not hero which is easy to use. So, in my opinion, please practice using
ultimate Akai in fashion Classic first before using it in mode Ranked to avoid

3. Chou


Hero which is often used for freestyle This turned out to be very suitable for use as a counter Lancelot.

Ultimate skills from Chou can immediately stop Lancelot’s very agile movement. Just press it ultimate Chou and Lancelot were certain they would no longer be able to move anywhere.

Chou can even kill Lancelot without being helped by
hero otherwise, because Chou was equipped with damage big one to kill hero like Lancelot in one skill combo only. Of course, you can do it if you use Chou
damage yeah, not as tank.

4. Franco


Franco’s usage is actually almost the same as Chou’s. When Lancelot is near Franco’s position, just press it
ultimate skillsand as a result Lancelot will not be able to move or run away.

Ultimate skills from Franco has a very high level of effectiveness, because the skill has an effect Surpress which cannot be canceled by any skill. So, even though Lance has an anti-CC effect on his 2nd skill, he still won’t be able to escape if he’s been affected by the effects of ultimate Franco.

5. Minsitthar


Who knows hero most underrated this can be counter which is good for Lancelot?

Although in META now Minsitthar is very rarely used, but actually hero this is the most effective solution to be counter for hero who has many skills
blinkas Lancelot has.

This is because ultimate from Minsitthar has a unique effect, where if the enemy hero is in the area
ultimate Minsitthar, then hero it will not be able to perform the skill blink.

Of course, that unique effect would be very troublesome for
hero like Lancelot, whose majority of his skills have a blink effect. Therefore, if Lancelot was inside
ultimate Minsitthar, then all his skills cannot be used and Lancelot can be killed easily.

Besides Lancelot, you can also use Minsitthar as a
counter for Harith, Hayabusa, and Roger. The main thing is, hero
which has many effects blink can be easily overcome by
fighter heroes this one.

6. Hylos


Hero last, at the same time be hero the one I like the most against Lancelot, which is Hylos.

Actually, Hylos only depended his life on skill 1
“Laws and Orders” to give effect stun to Lancelot.

However, what makes hero this is so powerful is its mechanics which is very low when compared to
tank heroes other.

Even for those of you who have never used a tank, I guarantee that you can immediately use Hylos, because the most important task is to only give effect. stun with skill 1
“Laws and Orders”.

With skill 1 alone, Hylos can become initiator hero
which is good, because if the one affected stun is jungler heroes
like Lancelot, then your team can kill him and win
team fight very easily.


1. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass become an item defense the first thing I highly recommend against Lancelot, because this item can provide stack physical defense big enough to
hero when you are hit by a skill from the enemy.

This item is very effective for you to use for hero like
fighter and tank which must always be in the middle team fightbecause both role it really needs physical defense big one to hold
damage enemy for a long time.

2. Immortality


Immortality becomes the second recommended item that you can use when dealing with Lancelot, because this item can guarantee a chance of survival hero when you are hit by a deadly combo from Lancelot’s skill.

Besides that, Immortality can also be a good mental booster when it enters a phase late game so that you are not afraid to join in team fight and more confident when attacking the enemy.


Well, that’s heroes & items which you can use as
counter for Lancelot. If you have any additions, please just write them in the comments column.

Thank you