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Cooking Fever, The Most Addictive Cooking Simulation Game

Cooking Fever Game Review

Cooking Fever
is a games cooking simulation developed by
Nordcurrenta company games originating from the country Lithuania. Since its release on September 27, 2014, Cooking Fever has been awarded as games The most popular cooking simulation with accumulated downloads of 100 million times in 2022.

Not only that, on December 1, 2022, games This also worked with Coca-Cola, where in the content
gamesplayers can sell drinks Coca-Cola official that has been presented in games. But unfortunately, this collaboration only lasted one year and was never presented again.

Journey Cooking Fever game don’t stop there. It is proven that in 2022, games it improves customer animations which are made to be more smooth and interactive to enhance the gaming experience.

I’ve actually played it myself games This is since 2022. At that time, I played Cooking Fever in
cell phone my brother and games This was indeed quite innovative at that time, because there were so many features that made it easy for me to play it not to get bored.

6 years have passed and I finally decided to download again
Cooking Fever game this, that’s it for nostalgia and for content game review this time. Well, from my experience playing
Cooking Fever game This is again for a few weeks, there are a few things I want to write about. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:

A. Game Features

1. Showcasing Various Restaurants


her name games Cooking simulation, of course, cannot be separated from the word restaurant. The restaurant is an important place in games cooking, because each restaurant will bring out its characteristics in the form of a food menu. Well, fortunately, in Cooking Feve gameThere are many restaurants that you can explore, ranging from fast food restaurants, bakeries, sushi restaurants, shops rock ‘n rolland many more.

Each of these restaurants also has tons of levels that automatically make progress from games this is not easy to solve in a short time. The various restaurants that exist can also make you not bored easily, even if you are bored with one restaurant, just open another restaurant to open a variety of different food menus, and enjoy different gameplay too.

For example, at the beginning of the game, you will be given a fast food restaurant that has a main menu burgers and hot dog. If you are tired of cooking burgers and hot dogthen you can move to another restaurant to get cooking experience on other food menus.

2. Upgradeable Restaurant Interior Building

Restaurant Interiors

Cooking Fever not only requires you to cook, but
games it also requires you to upgrade your restaurant to get more diners and tips, and get longer waiting times.

There are various restaurant interior buildings that you can upgrade, such as customer chairs, televisions, sound system, vase, disco ball, etc. All the interiors of the room will affect the waiting time and tips given by your customers. The better the existing interior, the more comfortable the experience will be for customers, so that your chances of completing difficult levels will be easier.

3. Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen Upgrade

In addition to the restaurant’s interior buildings which can be upgraded,
Cooking Fever also has a feature of improving kitchen equipment which will be very influential in reducing cooking time. The higher the level of your kitchen utensils, the faster the serving so that you can more easily handle the large number of customers who come faster.

In addition, there is also an increase in the food ingredients that will be served to set a higher price in order to significantly increase the restaurant’s income.

4. Lots of Bonus Prizes

Gift Bonus

Because there are so many interiors and kitchen equipment that can be upgraded, there is also a lot of money involved in upgrading to complete levels quickly.

Fortunately, Cooking Fever game it has a lot of bonus prizes that make it easy for you to earn money to do various things
upgrade. There are at least 3 bonus rewards that I found in
games these include the following:

a. Daily login

Just like games other, Cooking Fever also apply bonus
login daily that allows you to get bigger prizes depending on how regularly you play games this.

b. Daily mission

In addition to getting gifts from login daily, you can also complete some special missions which will bereset every day. This daily mission has rewards in the form of XP and gold which can be used for expenses upgrade levels quickly.

Try to look at the daily missions before playing, because sometimes there are missions that require you to go to a certain restaurant and cook some special dishes.

c. Complete a specific target

You will also get gold as well as additional xp from each target that has been achieved from a restaurant. There are a lot of targets displayed and these targets will be different for each restaurant.

The more restaurants you open, the more targets you can complete to earn extra gold the big one.

B. Graphics

Main course

When viewed as a whole, Cooking Fever actually has pretty stunning graphics. But unfortunately, there are some parts that in my opinion the graphics have not improved, for example in the main menu section where the animated display of various restaurant buildings that are displayed seems too simple.

The various improvements shown also don’t have additional animation effects, so games this seems less excited when compared to games other simulations.

In my opinion, it is possible that the lack of graphic improvement in various aspects is due to the developer wish that games this can still be played on android devices with low specifications.

However, I still hope for an improvement in terms of graphics in

this, given that now technology smartphone experienced a very rapid increase, so that the game developer They should also improve their graphics standards to keep up with the technology improvements to satisfy the players, if the graphics are still lacking, there will be fewer fans.

My suggestion for the future might be to add graphic settings
(smooth, medium, high) so that the player with a minimalist device can still play games this, and can reach player significantly new.

C. Specification

I mentioned before that Cooking Fever relatively friendly to play on various types of android devices. All android devices that have been released in the last few years can certainly play this game

this smoothly.

Oh yes, Cooking Fever you can also play on a computer with an operating system
Windows 10 to the top. I myself am currently playing games it’s in
Windows 11 and did not experience any problems, everything was smooth like playing on Android.

D. Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Has many types of restaurants to play with
  • Can be played without an internet connection (offline)
  • Resources which exists (gold and diamonds) easy to get
  • Not too much storage space (>300 MB)


  • Events very few present
  • Lack of variant types gameplay
  • The graphics displayed are not optimal
  • Cannot save progress games

E. Screenshots

Cooking Fever Screenshots

Cooking Fever Screenshots

Cooking Fever Screenshots

Cooking Fever Screenshots

Seeing the various potentials above, Cooking Fever still be
games cooking simulation worth it for you to play. Even though now there are so many games another cooking simulation, however Cooking Fever can still compete with style a classic that seems not easily forgotten, makes games it’s like saving a nostalgic moment for veteran players like I used to play games this is in its golden year.

Coupled with the lack of required specifications, making
Cooking Fever game very friendly to play on all types of android devices, even for the potato spec android group games you can still play this smoothly.

Cooking Fever very suitable for those of you who want
games cooking simulation with very diverse cooking concepts, especially with no internet connection needed, so you can play freely games this anytime and anywhere.

However, with no progress saving gamesmake
Cooking Fever game this feels so lacking. Yes, just imagine if you have played games this is very long but suddenly the application is deleted, maybe you have to start from the beginning again, it’s a waste of time.


Septemberbe that’s all I can say this time regarding review from
Cooking Fever game. For those of you who want to add or just provide suggestions, please write them in the comments column. You can too game requests what should I review in the next post.

Don’t forget to always visit us so you don’t miss interesting info about games other.

Thank you


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