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Completely Peel off Mobile Legends Global Ban Pick System

Mobile Legends Global Ban Pick System

Global Tire Pick
is basically a system that is enforced when doing
draft pick in games MOBA. In Mobile Legends gamethis system came into effect in the tournament event
UNIPIN ladies series and round play in MDL ID S6.

Rumors, system global tire pick this will be implemented in MPL ID S10 which will be held tomorrow in September. But will the rumors be true? To find out the answer, let’s dive deeper into the system global tire pick this.

A. What is Global Ban Pick?

I mentioned before that global tire pick is a system that is used when performing draft pick. In system
global tire pick In this case, we are required to use hero different in each gamesso that in one match later there will be lots of new strategies and META that will appear.

System global tire pick cannot be used arbitrarily, because there are many conditions that must be met to be able to use it, such as balance power heroesamount heroPossible variations of strategy, etc.

In essence, if you are going to use the system
global tire pick, Moonton have to make a whole hero in
Mobile Legends game it’s balanced, at least balanced in terms of
powerher to become a variation of strategy within a match.

So far, the system global tire pick has been applied in the tournament ajang game Arena of Valor since 2022.

B. Systematics

System global tire pick requires each player to take
hero different in each games. For example, if you use hero Julian di games the first, then in
games then you will no longer be able to use Julian.

This applies to match with BO 3 and BO 5. As for games last in match BO 7, you are free to use hero whatever.

How about the banned hero system?

System banned heroesits actually still the same as
draft usually, still by doing banned 5 heroes in every team. You can alsobanned heroes which you have previously used so that the enemy team does not do mirroring draft.

For example, in games the first time you use Julian, it’s automatic right
games you can’t use both Julians anymore. However, you canbanned Julian di games second to prevent the enemy from using it.

Hero that have been used by the enemy team and your team will not be used again. For example, you guys use Julian in games first, then in games both enemy turns using Julian. Well, later on
games third and so on, Julian has been banned for use by both teams.

However, there is an exception in match BO7 where in
games Finally you are free to use hero that you have used. For example, you have used Julian in games first, later in
games Seventh you can use Julian again. But that only applies to games 7 only as games final winner.

C. Strengths and Weaknesses


1. The Match Becomes More Interesting (Not Monotonous)

With the implementation of the system global tire picktournament event
Mobile Legends automatically becomes more interesting, because in every
match there will be a lot hero emerging. There are at least 30
hero which will appear in matches BO3, and more in matches BO5, and BO7.

The audience will also be more comfortable watching it because hero which appears not only hero META, but heroes others that will provide an element of surprise when watching it.

2. Brings Up Many New and Unique Strategies

g . systemglobal tire pick indirectly requires the teams to explore strategies in Mobile Legends game further so that they do not run out of ideas when competing.

More and more games running, the more varied the strategies that must be prepared. Therefore, if this system really applies to MPL ID S10 tomorrow, then it is very likely heroes which never appeared in MPL will start to be used again.

3. The Hero Pool for Each Player is Expansive

Because in every match we can’t wear
hero the same thing over and over again, then automatically every player who competes must have the ability to master a lot heroes.

To be honest, this is actually the most interesting factor in my opinion because every player who competes must master at least 7 hero different to be able to play in the system global tire pick this.

On the other hand, this point also harms the player who rely on MMR, because they can only use hero their mainstay once in every match. For example, like VYN from the RRQ team who are very good at using Franco. If the system global tire pick this is running, so like it or not the opportunity for VYN to use Franco only once in every match-his.


1. Players Are Required to Quickly Adapt

This factor makes me a bit doubtful if the system
global tire pick will be passed tomorrow in MPL ID S10. Amount
hero pool that must be learned, as well as the variety of strategies that must be studied, make the adaptation quite long. Para coach and players also have to do massive research to find
gameplay only those who will become provisions when this system is put into effect.

In my opinion, the fastest system global tire pick this may only come into effect after the M4 event takes place, or even when the event takes place. So, all teams from all countries in the world have the same experience in using the system global tire pick.

Step Moonton actually it is also correct to apply this system in the round play in MDL S6 yesterday, because apart from being a test subject, players at MDL will have a wider experience so that when recruited by the MPL team, they can adapt more quickly.

2. Strategy Preparation of each Coach becomes More Difficult

With breadth hero pool that appears, automatically the strategies used also vary. Just imagine, in match BO7 para
coach must have at least 6 types draft with
hero different in each games-his.

That’s not even possible hero who will be hit
banned by the enemy. So, like it or not, when this system is put in place, coach must prepare carefully. Of course the time it takes is also not short.

What to Do Moonton

Before starting to apply the system tire globalI think there are some things that should be Moonton pay attention first. Some of these include the following:

1. Balancing Power Hero

System global tires requires each team to use
hero different. Therefore, Moonton have to make the most of it power heroes in
Mobile Legends game balanced so that there is no inequality
draft in a match.

One of the things that must be done, which actually has also begun to be done Moonton now is to give
revamp to heroes long. In my opinion, this step is very good to support the implementation of the system global tiresbecause
power from heroes old must be balanced with
hero so that they can be reused in high-level tournament events such as MPL.

Although maybe now there are still some hero forgotten, such as Hanabi and Minsitthar. But with the proliferation of projects
revamp which is conducted Moonton lately at least it has become a positive element to support the implementation of the system
global tires in the future.

2. Releasing Multiple Heroes

Apart from balancing power hero Moonton also have to release a lot
hero new in the future so that the variations in the strategies that exist in the
Mobile Legends increasingly diverse.

Actually, with the amount Mobile Legends heroes which has now reached the number 116 it is more than enough to enforce the system
global tires. However, unfortunately with that amount there are still quite a few role minimal amount hero-it, for example like role support which now only has less than
20 heroes so that the choice of strategy by using
hero support still very limited.

3. Providing Socialization

Role Moonton in providing socialization is very important here, because each team requires a long preparation before the system ends
global tire pick workable.

The time it takes for coach and analysts to do
research also it will definitely take a long time, so Moonton it is necessary to conduct socialization long before this system is put into effect.

Is it Possible to Apply on MPL ID S10?

In my opinion, the system global tire pick this can’t be used in the MPL ID S10 event, because apart from the lack of preparation, the difference
gap which is quite far will also be created between MPL ID and MPL in other countries.

Moreover, MPL ID S10 is a place to fight for tickets to M4. So, if you want to use the system global tire pick, all MPL events should be in various region must be equalized first.

However, if you look at it from a wider scope, actually the possibility of implementing this system in MPL ID S10 is very large, considering that META is now in Mobile Legends game already quite balanced with the possible number of strategies that are already very varied.

What about your opinion? What is the system global tire pick can this be applied to MPL ID S10? Please write your answers in the comments column.


That’s my discussion this time regarding the system global tire pick. If there is something you want to ask, just write it in the comments column.

Thank you


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