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Completely Discuss Riot's Lawsuit against Moonton, Will Mobile Legends Take Down?

Riot sues Moonton

Riot as developer from League of Legends games and
LoL Wild Rift again filed a lawsuit against Moonton because it is considered to have committed acts of plagiarism against various content contained in the League of Legends games.

This event is exactly like what happened in 2022, where in that year Riot file a lawsuit against Moonton and managed to win it by giving a fine to Moonton amounting to USD 2.9 million or around Rp 42.1 billion. However, at that time Moonton had rejected it because the company was based in China, not in the US.

Well, it’s different from what happened in 2022. This year
Moonton already has a large branch in the US and already has cooperation with various parties in the country, which ultimately creates a dispute between the two developer this repeats itself.

How did this incident actually happen? What are the problems? To answer these questions, let’s just look at the following description:


Before going into the discussion, I need to give a disclaimer here that this post does not aim to bring down any party, but only tries to explain and provide various alternative solutions that are possible to do.

Before reading this post, it’s a good idea to read the document first, here’s the link:

The contents of this post are entirely from my personal perspective as a player of both games, both Mobile Legends and League of Legends, because I have played both games for quite a long time (Even though it’s actually Mobile Legends that I play more often) . However, it still does not change my perspective here that I will look at this case from the point of view of a neutral party.

Therefore, for those of you netizens who are currently reading this, please read until the end of the discussion so you don’t catch it wrong, then if there are additions or inputs, please write them in the comments column.


League of Legends is MOBA games made
Riot which has been promoted since 2009, and in its development, games it has progressed significantly up until it becomes one of the MOBA games most popular all over the world. Meanwhile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is
MOBA games made Moonton which was present in 2022 and is currently being games which is very popular in the Asian continent.

Problem between Riot and Moonton actually it has appeared since 2015 when games made Moonton by title
Magic Rush Heroes released, a MOBA games which is available on android and iOS.

Based on the information obtained, Moonton publish
Magic Rush in conjunction with Elex Technology to distribute games this in the United States. Regarding the release games that, Riot notified Google Play on copyright claims on Magic Rush gameand also cooperate with
Elex to find a way to solve the problem.

Multiple character designs champion on
game Magic Rush Heroes rated very similar to LoL. Not only that, moonton also do copy to
artworks, skills, and abilities champion the. But finally the conflict was over after Moonton change the entire character design and realize his actions in plagiarism.

After trouble Magic Rush Heroes done, next year
Moonton release Mobile Legends and at the start of its release
games was immediately exposed to an appeal from Riot who then sent a letter to Google Play Store to warn
Moonton. suddenly, Mobile Legends game even disappeared from playstore, but not long games It’s back with the title “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” (For you guys player it will take a long time to understand this case.)

That was the beginning of this problem, which has not yet been resolved and has only gotten worse until Riot has to file a lawsuit against Moonton in 2022.


Actually, what are Riot’s problem with?

There are so many things at issue here, from character design,
splash art, promotional marketing, features, music, etc.

Skin Guinevere vs Hero Ahri

An example can be seen in the image above. Design
Skin Legend Guinevere “Psion of Tomorrow” which just arrived last September is considered very similar to the original character design
Ahri from LoL game and Wild Rift. The resemblance is allegedly seen in the geometric purple tail design and the colors used.

Not only that, Riot also features various displays
Mobile Legends heroes others that bear resemblance to
champion which exist in league of legends games, For example, you can see in the following image:

Design Hero MLBB vs LoL

Design Hero MLBB vs LoL

Design Hero MLBB vs LoL

Not only character design, Moonton is also considered plagiarism in some of its features, such as features smart target which looks exactly the same as the one in League of Legends games.

Smart Targeting

The same is done Moonton on
Paquito hero trailer which is considered the same as
runeterra trailers, and many other problems. Anyway, you can see everything in the document where I have included the link in the disclaimer section.

MLBB vs LoL hero hero trailer

All of the above does sound very disappointing, especially for you ML-ers who have played Mobile Legends in a long time. However, in fact this has been proven by Riot by showing various existing data.


Well, this is the part that you should read carefully, because it’s actually here Riot just want to ask for justice for what has been done by Moonton.

There is not a single sentence in his claim that says: Riot want to
Mobile Legends deleted, in the document it is written that
“Find that Moonton directly and indirectly infringed Riot’s copyrights”
which means that they just want to be given justice and demand
Moonton to ensure that you don’t commit plagiarism again in the future, and don’t forget to pay compensation too “Award Riot the costs and disbursement of this action, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs pursuant to 17 USC 505;”.

So, for those of you who are worried if Mobile Legends If you want to delete it, calm down first, read and understand the contents of the demands carefully, because actually
Riot just asking for justice, that’s all, don’t demand to delete it Mobile Legends game globaly.

If you don’t believe me, try reading the document again in the “PRAYER FOR RELIEF”.


Well, after getting these demands, maybe there are a few things that must be done by Moonton in the future to avoid plagiarism. One of them is doing revamp to design
hero which is considered similar to the design hero in LoL gamebecause as we know, lately Moonton is doing it very hard revamp multiple views hero. So, this solution should be a very effective solution for
Moonton in the future to tackle plagiarism.

Moonton must also begin to take advantage of its vast market to carry out its own innovation by utilizing the existing community, responding to various constructive inputs, and putting more emphasis on creating new things.

A games do have time struggleeach, and I hope Moonton this time it was wiser to solve the problem, not by repeating the previous problem and continuing to fall into the same hole.


her name netizens there must be something absurd what he did. Here I see – see rating LoL Wild Rift in Play Store dropped drastically from 4.0 now only 2.7. So, for those of you who are currently spamming hate rating for
LoL Wild Rift on Google Play Store

FB screenshots

This is the problem, right? Moonton ama Riotso just let the two of them find a solution, you guys netizens just enjoy it. If you spam give a rating of 1 to LoL Wild Rift that’s going to end up making it more complicated, who knows, because of that, the case gets even worse until Mobile Legends It’s really deleted, in the end, you’re the one who loses. So please, please delete the spam one first, just enjoy enjoying the drama between the 2 developers and whatever the outcome is, just accept it.

Oh yeah, here’s another one for you guys netizens please give advice to
game developer don’t cause problems. Here Riot
until you find screenshot comment field on FB that there is
netizens who asked Moonton make a similar skin
LoL heroes. If that’s the case, it means that you are also at fault, why do you even make a fuss when you are sued. Here party Mobile Legends-It also needs to be reviewed again so that you don’t take suggestions from
netizens which triggers the cake problem.

The point is that all parties must clean up here, make Moonton in the future must be more creative, while making netizens In the future, please be a little smarter if you want to answer an issue.


Okay, maybe that’s all my ramblings in this post. Please write in the comments column if there is anything you want to add.

Thank you


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