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Complete Information Update Valorant patch 2.03

The Valorant update patch 2.03 has arrived as of September 17, 2022. With the introduction of the official patch notes, Riot brings some significant changes to the weapon meta.

Frenzy and Stinger will cost a little more this time. Although this would only be a band-aid aid to the “Run and Gun” exploits these weapons boast.

The Marshalls will also be made cheaper and will be made much more feasible in the early game when players are often hesitant to buy this armor.

Some champions will also get some changes this time. Reyna will receive some balance updates, which may seem like a nerf.

Yoru, Brimstone, and Phoenix will get some adjustments. The following is a brief overview of the update Valorant patch notes 2.03

Valorant Patch 2.03: Official Notes

1. Valorant Agent Update


Complete Information Update Valorant patch 2.03

  • Maximum Devour and Dismiss skills reduced by 4 > 2
  • Skill Devour and Dismiss price increased by 100 > 200
  • Kills enemies that are damaged by Reyna in the last 3 seconds while dropping Soul Orbs, even if this one agent doesn’t land killing shot


update valorant yoru


  • Gatecrash now displays the range at which enemies can see their tether while proceeding to the minimap
  • The distance at which enemies can hear Gatecrash’s teleportation audio now appears on the minimap

Dimension Shift

  • While in Dimensional Movement, Yoru’s minimap can be seen
  • Enemies within Yoru’s range of vision, while in Dimensional Drift, can be seen by teammates’ mimimaps as well
  • Dimensional Drift can no longer block enemies.


Brimstone Valorant


Audio from Incendiaries staying in the fire zone will be easier to hear when there is action and other sounds around.


phoenix valorant agent

  • Audio from the remaining Hot Hands fire zone is easier to hear when there’s action and other sounds nearby.

2. Valorant Weapon Update

Valorant Weapon Update


  • Movement speed when zoomed now reaches 90% of unzoomed movement. (previously zoomed movement speed was 76% of unzoomed)
  • Price drop 1100 >1000
  • Zoom magnification increased by 2.5x > 3.5x

Stinger (full auto fire)

  • Price increased from 1000 > 1100
  • Full auto rate reduced from 18 > 16
  • Full auto now reaches maximum spread on 4 bullets instead of 6
  • Adjusted pitch (vertical) adjusted for full automatic, recoil can rise faster past the third bullet


  • Pitch adjustment (vertical) is more aggressive after the first burst.
  • Added more errors to the burst after the first one
  • Improved recovery time in burst mode from .45 > .4


  • Price Up from 400 > 500

3. Mode Update in Valorant Patch 2.03

Competitive Update

  • AFK in competitive play for extended periods (currently defined as 6 rounds or more) will now result in an 8 ranking point penalty.
  • Action Rank Badges will now be based on your highest ranked win, not the ninth best win.

Quality of Life

  • All spray will now be destroyed in the initial round. Death order fixes and updates.
  • Fade to black start time is reduced by 1.75 seconds after death > 1.5 seconds after death.
  • Time spent on full black screen increased by ~0 sec >>> 0.25 sec.
  • Total death sequence time unchanged, Fixed 2.75 seconds.
  • Camera movement will slow down significantly, especially for those on poor network conditions.
  • Prior to the Valorant patch 2.03 update, any of you (but especially those with high pings or packet loss) could experience frame crashes or camera jitter during the death sequence.
  • Now all players, regardless of network conditions, will have camera movement smooth during the death sequence.