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Comiket 99 pushed back to 2022

In fact, it has long been predicted that Comiket 99 will be canceled. And it seems to be true. It is now official that Comiket 99 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, an event called ‘Air Comiket’ will be held during the year-end holidays. And for the Comiket event, it is planned to be postponed to 2022, at the moment of Golden Week around September or September.

The official statement cited the difficulty of holding the event after the postponement of the 2022 Tokyo Olympics, and the decision to cancel came after a study of the possibility of holding the event safely under the coronavirus’s own Response Guidelines. Comiket explained that this was impossible, so they went ahead and canceled the event this winter.

More details on Comiket’s 2022 plans will be revealed this fall. So, let’s wait for further news.