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Comfortable and Adequate, Insomniac Games Showcases Its New Studio

Insomniac Games Showcases Its New Comfortable and Adequate Studio

After being officially acquired by Sony, Insomniac Games which is the developer of the Marvel’s Spider-Man game that reaped success with the game, Insomniac Games will now become the first-party game studio belonging to the Japanese game company.

Through the video of their new studio tour uploaded by the official YouTube account of Insomniac Games, it is shown that how spacious, adequate and comfortable their studio and office looks are even better and relaxed like a playground.

James Stevenson as Community Director of Insomniac Games said that they had succeeded in renovating the game studio after 15 years of Insomniac Games being formed which at first was very small.

With the Renovation of the Game Studio, Stevenson hopes that the employees who work at Insomniac Games are more comfortable and feel at home there so that they can produce better jobs in the future.