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Clint's Item Build Recommendation, 2 Hits Auto Dead Enemy!

Recommended Items Build Clint Mobile Legends

Clint currently seems to be becoming hero prima donna among the player gold lane. Competing tightly with Brody, Clint is very often contested both in tournaments
M3 World Championship or in tier rank tall like
Mythic until Mythical Glory.

Hero marksman this one is really over power from the laning side so it’s no wonder now he’s nicknamed
“gold lane thug”. burst damagehis big one is supported by
true damage from his passive which is also as big as making
power Clint really stands out in comparison marksman hero other.

Not only that, Clint is also equipped with effects immobilize which can make him stop the movement of his opponent easily. These various advantages are the factors why Clint is now often contested in every competition match.

To support hero power The big Clint, of course you also have to know the recommended items needed so that damage from Clint you can maximize.

Well, as stated in the title, in this post I will give the right build recommendations for Clint. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion.


1. Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots
can be Clint’s mainstay item to win the duel during the phase early game. With effect physical defense what he got, then Clint can be more confident to do freeze lane.

Even though it’s true physical defense obtained from this item is relatively small, but still Warrior Boots much needed to win laning We.

2. Endless Battle

Endless Battle

This item seems to have been recommended by me many times, not because it is my favorite item, but because of its very complete attributes to use on marksman hero like Clint.

One attribute Endless Battle which is very worth it used on Clint is an upgrade true damage basic attack which can reach 60%. With the increase true damage then Clint’s passive skill can be more flavorful.

Besides that, Endless Battle also have which regen and
cooldown reduction so Clint can more easily do
spam skills
without having to do it often recalls.

3. Berserker Fury

Berserker Fury

After Endless Battle finished, then the next item that is your target is Berserker Fury. With effect
critical chancewhich is quite high, Berseker Fury can make Clint’s skill damage much more painful, especially on his 1st skill.

If Clint already has Berserker Fury and Endless Battlethen you have to do it often join into the war because
damage from Clint would be very useful to be
damage dealer the strong one.

4. Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

The next recommended item is Malefic Roar. With effect
penetrationits very big, Malefic Roar can be your mainstay item to soften hero thick like
tank or fighters.

Actually, you can also replace this item with
Blade of Despair so that damage Clint was in more pain. However, if I myself prefer to use
Malefic Roar because the price of the item is not too expensive with enough item effects worth it for use on Clint.

5. Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt

Because Clint is hero marksman, then you must use at least one item defense so that Clint is not easily hit pick off moment war. Thunder Belt this is the only item defense which is very suitable for use on Clint, because this item has an effect true damage which will automatically strengthen Clint’s passive skills.

As is Thunder Belt this, then your Clint will be stronger in terms of damage + his life becomes thicker too.

6. Immortality


The last item that Clint recommends is
Immortality. This item will be a second life for Clint which makes it more survive when you enter war.

Besides that, Immortality This will also automatically improve your mentality to be more daring to initiate.


In addition to the six items above, it’s a good idea for you to also prepare 2 spare items just in case the conditions you face don’t match your expectations. The two reserve items include the following:

Athena Shield

Athena Shield

Athena Shield
very good as a backup, such as the enemy has hero mage by type burst damage.

With the magnitude of the effect magical defense from Athena Shieldthen Clint can easily overcome burst damage from
hero – hero mage such as: Eudora, Pharsa, Kagura, Vale, and Luo Yi.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

The second backup item that I highly recommend is
Blade Of Despair. Why? Because this item has extra
physical damage which will be very useful for Clint when he enters the phase late games.

Blade of Despair This is very suitable to be used against
heroes soft like marksman and assassin. I myself have tried using BOD on Clint and the results are quite satisfactory, hero like marksman and assassin will die instantly with just 2 times hit just.

However, this item has a very expensive price so you need to play it safe before you can slaughter the enemy, so I made this item as a backup because it took a long time, had to wait until late game


Assassin’s Emblem

Assassin's Emblem

Different from marksman others who tend to use
marksman emblem, emblem The most suitable for Clint is assassin emblembecause Clint is more focused on
damage of skill than basic attack-his.

In addition, with assassin emblem this critical damage from Clint will taste better than using marksman emblem.


Talent Killing Spree

For talent emblemnya, I recommend you to use killing spree to maximize power Clint in
war long-term.

Killing Spree It’s also very helpful for Clint to move thanks to the additional effects movement speed contained in this talent emblem.




The only one spell What I recommend to you when using Clint is flickers. With spell With this, Clint could more easily secure his position when war so as not to be easily hit
pick off. Not only that, Flicker it can also be used to do surprise attack when the enemy is off guard.

Flicker indeed be spell which is very flexible to be used in various situations so it never hurts for you not to use spell this one.


Septemberbe that’s all for my post this time regarding the build item recommendations from Clint. If there is anything you want to add, just write it in the comments column.

Thank you


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