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City Mania: Town Building, City Building Game with Cute Characters!

City Mania: Town Building Game Review

As the title says, City Mania: Town Building is a games a city building simulation that requires you to build luxury buildings to increase the population of your city. Like befits city ​​building games other, in
games In this, there will be various types of buildings that you can build freely, and you can arrange them as creatively as possible according to the imagination you have.


For you lovers city ​​building games must already have a big picture of gameplay from games this. The point is, as long as
games you as player You will be tasked with continuing to build and expand your city, while keeping an eye on the health and happiness of your residents.

There are lots of additional buildings that will be closely related to the condition of your residents. Starting from fire stations, police stations, power plants, water providers, parks, etc. Well, your job is to arrange the building correctly so that all the existing residents can fulfill all their needs.

Games this may not have complex problems like in
Banishedso it might tend to look unattractive to players like me who like it games more challenging. However, the charm of City Mania games that are unique can make the
player certain groups, especially children, to continue to be interested in playing games this.


Even though in general City Mania: Town Building looks the same as City Building games other, but it turns out games released by Gameloft since 2022 it has several unique features that set it apart from games other. These unique features include the following:

1. Featuring Various Characters to Explore


Look different from games other, City Mania:
City Building has its own cute character called
Bizzie. Para Bizzie This is a kind of resident in your city that you can later place in certain buildings.

Of course their presence also has its own function,
Bizzie what you have can later increase the stats of buildings that match their profession. For example, if you place Bizzie who work as firefighters to the fire station building, the area of ​​the post will be larger so that it can reach more buildings.

More and more Bizzie that you have, the easier it will be for your efforts to expand the city, because the Bizzie This will help you minimize the risk of problems that may occur. You can also interact with the Bizzie by simply pressing them while they are on the road. Sometimes, they will give you some gifts when they are happy with what you have done.

Apart from the things I have mentioned above, there are many other things you can do with the Bizziestarting from Fusion,
Explore Map, etc. Basically, Bizzie in game
City Mania it seems to be the main attraction, because with Bizzie this, gameplay-become more interesting to follow and seem innovative.

2. Fusion and Building Customization

City Mania Game Gameplay

The building is indeed the most important factor in games with
city ​​building genrebecause it is the focus of gameplaywill be in the element of the building. Well, in City Mania games this, the buildings that are present are very diverse in shape, making playerit’s not easy to get bored when playing it.

Besides that, you can also get existing buildings fusion to produce a new building that is bigger and grander. You can also set the color of the building as you wish.

These various features really spoil the creativity of players, which makes
City Mania games this seems to be continuously providing innovations for players to keep playing and can’t leave
games this bit.


For graphics problems, City Mania has very good graphics
perfect, starting from the quality of the shadows, the design of the buildings, the weather, the change of day and night, everything has been displayed quite perfectly. View from para Bizzie It’s also quite good, although the design is still simple, but it’s more than enough to attract the attention of young people playing games this.

You can adjust the graphics provided in the settings, so that
It also seems friendly to play on various Android specifications, from the potato spec to the god spec, all of them can play
games this smoothly.



1. Have lots of cute characters

2. Doesn’t take up too much storage space

3. Diverse events always available every day

4. Can get building bonus only from login


1. Some resources very hard to get

2. Gameplayit’s very flat

3. Cannot be played directly offline


So how? Are you ready to build a city in this City Mania game?

In my own opinion, game City Mania: Town Building does have a lot of potential that can be explored compared to
city ​​building games others, but maybe because the target market is more targeted at children, making gameplay from
games it seemed very bland and didn’t have any challenges.

Games it also doesn’t have improvement significant, coupled with the difficulty of finding some resources make
games it’s like forcing player-her to buy micro
transactions provided.

However, overall, City Mania games this is still enough
worth it for you to play, especially for those of you who already like the same city ​​building genre, games it’s still worth a try.


Okay, maybe that’s all the discussion from me this time is related review from
game City Mania: Town Building. If there are additions from you, please write them in the comments column.

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