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Cesare's Manga Is Back on Hiatus Until This Fall!

Dafunda Otaku – Magazine Morning from company Kodansha revealed on September 20 that, the manga created by Fuyumi Soryo which tells about history entitled Cesare will be back on hiatus. Many people wonder, why this manga keeps on hiatus?

Is there a problem, or does the manga creator really have no intention of running this manga anymore? Everyone who followed Cesare’s manga wondered and was furious about this. But don’t worry, the manga will return in the fall of this year.

Cesare Manga

As you know, this manga is about history, because that’s why there are many Otaku and people who like this manga. How would you feel if your favorite manga was on hiatus? Don’t you get angry and feel angry because of this?

Previously, many people protested that the manga was on hiatus, but the Cesare manga side said that they will fix this error as soon as possible so that readers can enjoy the manga they made.

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The manga was previously on hiatus since October 2014 and resumed running in November. Soryo himself often publishes manga in Morning magazine once a month, and plans to publish five chapters at a time.

Source: ANN