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Causes and How to Overcome Mobile Legends Not Responding

Force Close can happen in all applications, including Mobile Legends. Then, what are the causes and how to overcome Mobile Legends not responding? We will review it in this article.

Error problems like this often annoy users. One reason is that the cache is full and is not regularly cleared. Another problem is from incompatible devices. Here’s more.

Causes of Mobile Legend not Responding

While playing a game, a pop-up application suddenly appears unresponsive or forced close. This must be really annoying. Here are a number of factors that cause the application to suddenly stop.

1. Android Version Must Be Updated

Android experiences updates from time to time. The old version also doesn’t support many applications, one of which is Mobile Legends.

Therefore, users need to update android to a new version and support the minimum specs set by Moonton.

The minimum android version to be able to run this game is 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Better yet if on it.

When installing or updating the Mobile Legend application, make sure your internet is stable. Because if it is not stable, it will corrupt the game.

2. Device Specs Used Are Too Low

“Unfortunately Mobile Legends Has Stopped Usually this problem occurs because the smartphone specifications used are too low.

The size of the downloaded data is about 200 MB. But it is recommended to prepare a storage of about 300 MB. The requested RAM capacity is around 2GB but more than that is recommended so that when playing games there is no lag.

2. Cache that accumulates in the Mobile Legend application

Another cause of Mobile Legends not responding is the cache that has accumulated in the application. This is a serious factor that makes Mobile Legends experience a force close.

3. The application has not been updated to the latest version

Every month Moonton regularly updates new patches. Players are required to update the game in order to enjoy all the new features and modes presented.

This update is also in order to fix bugs that occur. So, every time Moonton releases a new patch, it’s a good idea to update the game. You can do this either by means of automatic or manual updates.

4. Mobile Legend Corrupt Game

Corrupt files can also be the cause of why the game is forced to close. This can be caused because during the download process, the internet is not stable.

The solution can be to uninstall the game and then reinstall it.

5. Smartphone Storage Memory Almost Full

Another reason is that the storage memory is almost full

How to Overcome Mobile Legends Not Responding

Before carrying out the completion steps, you need to force close the application. The method:

  • Enter the settings menu or settings
  • Select installed apps, search for Mobile Legends
  • Then tap the (x) Force Stop button
  • Next restart the phone

If so, here are the next steps you can take:

1. How to Overcome Mobile Legends not Responding – Clear Cache in Applications

The method:

  • Go to settings or settings on hp
  • Select installed apps and search for Mobile Legends
  • Clear cache or clear data
  • Open the application again and try to run it if it is running normally

If not, you can use how to overcome Mobile Legends not responding further:

2. Clear Storage Memory

The method:

  • Enter settings menu
  • Select app data storage
  • Click “clean now”

You also need to delete useless data so that storage space can be more relieved.

3. App Updates

The method :

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search Mobile Legends
  • Select “updates”

you can also do automatic updates, so when Moonton releases a new patch, the application will automatically update. Here’s how: How to update Mobile Legends automatically and manually

Wait until the process is complete and try running the game again.

Well, that’s a number of causes and how to overcome Mobile Legends not responding. If that doesn’t work, the last step is to uninstall the game and run it again.

Also make sure to use a device that supports MLBB. Good luck and good luck.