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Causes and How to Overcome Genshin Impact Stuck Loading Screen

Genshin Impact is targeting high-end smartphone users because it is classified as a heavy game. Well, this article will discuss the causes and how to overcome Genshin Impact stuck loading screen.

For middle-class smartphone users who are forced to play this game, they may find a number of problems. Like loading errors ranging from stuck loading, white or black screens to crashes.

Causes of Genshin Impact Stuck Loading Screen

The problem of stuck loading is often experienced by users. Regarding the cause, there are many factors ranging from connections, bugs, incompatible device specifications, and so on.

Both Genshin Impact iOS or Android have the potential to experience this problem. The following is a complete description of the cause.

1. Bugs

A bug is an error that occurs in a program. This is an error that occurred on the part of the developer and will be fixed later.

All applications cannot be separated from error bugs. That’s because no app is perfect. So, the possibility of bugs in this game can happen at any time.

Usually if there is a bug, miHoYo will announce it through social media accounts. So, just monitor the official Genshin Impact social media account to determine whether the error is due to a bug or not.

2. Incompatible Devices

Another cause is an incompatible device. If the smartphone used does not match the minimum specs of Genshin Impact, an error will definitely occur.

Here are the minimum specs to run Genshin Impact

Processor: Arm v8a 64-bit

RAM: minimum 3 GB

Android : minimum v 7.0 or above, snapdragon 845, kirin 810 or above

Storage: 8GB

For smartphone users of the Snapdragon 625-720 type it is still possible to be able to play it. While the iPhone, the iPhone 6s is still running well but there are also those who are having problems stuck loading.

Therefore, make sure the user’s device matches the one set by Genshin, because if it is below the minimum, many errors will be encountered.

3. Connection & Other Problems

If the HP specifications are above the specified minimum standards, the error may be caused by the connection.

A strong and stable internet connection is very much needed in the game. In addition to signals, other causes are insufficient storage, corrupted data, or others.

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How to Overcome Genshin Impact Stuck Loading, White & Black Screen

If you experience a game stuck in loading, here are a number of ways you can do it. This method applies to both Android and IOS users.

1. Clear Cache And Data

The first Genshin Impact problem that can be done is to clear cache and data. Here are the steps:

  • Click settings – select apps & notifications – select Genshin Impact
  • Go to storage & cache – clear cache
  • Run the game, if the error is still there, repeat the steps.

The game should be back to normal. But if it’s still stuck on loading, you can try the next method.

2. How to Overcome Genshin Impact Stuck Loading Screen – Reconnect Data

One of the problems that trigger the game won’t enter the main menu is a bad and not smooth internet connection.

But, what if the connection is good but still can’t login? There might be a problem with the network connection on your smartphone.

The solution is to reconnect the data. Here are the full steps:

  • Enter the game
  • Turn off the internet for a while via the notification bar
  • Wait a while, then turn it on again
  • Minimize the game and re-enter the game
  • Later loading will run

Check if the stuck loading problem has been resolved and the game can run normally again. In addition to the connection, the specs of the cellphone used to play the game have met the minimum requirements or not.

3. Screen Rotation – iPhone only

This is specifically for iPhone users, yes. On the miHoYo forum there are many players who experience stuck loading errors, white screens and also black screens. If you experience this, the following solutions can be applied.

  • Delete all widgets on iPhone (may or may not)
  • Turn off screen rotation
  • Finally, open the game in a horizontal position.

If so, pay attention to whether the loading error problem has been resolved. In some cases, this method has succeeded in solving the stuck loading problem of Genshin Impact and has been proven to work.

Regarding the effect of removing widgets, it’s actually not that big of an effect. What matters is the screen rotation.

4. Reinstall Genshin Impact

If all the steps above haven’t worked, the last way is to reinstall Genshin Impact.

This game does have a heavy size, more than 5GB. For smartphones with potato specs, it will be very heavy.

Many think again to download this game because it takes up quite a lot of resources too. Users also don’t know it’s possible that during installation a corrupt file occurs.

So, when the game is running, it just gets stuck on loading, black screen, white screen or even crashes. Reinstalling is one of the steps to get rid of all the bugs and crashes in the game.

Before uninstalling, do a cache and data wipe first. The method:

  • Go to settings – select apps & notifications – select Genshin Impact.
  • If so, proceed with uninstalling the game
  • Download the game again via the Play Store.

If everything has been done but the error still occurs. Most likely your smartphone is not supported. How to replace the cellphone with the minimum specs set by Genshin Impact.

The recommended smartphone that is compatible with this game made by miHoyo is a Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810 and above processor with a minimum of 4GB RAM.

That’s a review of the causes and how to overcome Genshin Impact stuck on loading, crashes, black screens and also white screens. The above method can be applied both on Android and Apple. Good luck, good luck.