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Carole & Tuesday Anime Gets Manga Adaptation!

Funda Otaku – Young Ace Magazine issue Kadokawa recently released an official announcement that an Original anime titled Carole & Tuesday will be adapted into a manga series by Morito Yamataka.

Carole & Tuesday Manga Release Schedule

The manga, which will be produced by Morito and his friends, will debut right on the 2nd of September.

Synopsis Carole & Tuesday

50 years have passed after humanity migrated to a new place, Mars. This is an age where most culture is produced by AI, and people are just quietly enjoying it. There’s a girl.

Suffering from living in a metropolis called Alba, he works odd jobs while trying to become a musician. He always felt that something was missing. Her name is Carole. There’s a girl.

Born in a family in a small town called Herschel, he has a dream of becoming a musician, but the people around him don’t understand his dream which makes him always lonely in this world. His name is Tuesday.

A fate brought these two girls together. Both want to sing. Both wanted to make music. When they are together they feel they have the opportunity to do that.

The two of them might only be able to create a small wave. But the wave expands and becomes big. That was the topic regarding the Carole & Tuesday manga release schedule as reported by ANN.

Ready for the manga series? Or want to watch the anime version first. Let me know via the comments column.