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Captain Baseball Manga Gets New Sequel Series

Cozy Jokura will launch a new sequel adaptation for ‘s manga Akio Chiba entitled Captain Baseball in the magazine issue Grand Jump company property Shueisha on September 24 entitled Captain 2. In the new sequel, Shigekazu Kondo will take over the role ofCaptain” from Igarashi.

Captain Baseball

Jokura launched the spin-off manga Captain in Grand Jump magazine in September 2022. In addition, Jokura apparently has worked on a number of baseball manga, the baseball manga is Blue Stripe, Sho Ban and Gurazeni.

Chiba launched his own manga titled Captain Baseball in September 1972 in Shueisha’s magazine, Bessatsu Shonen Jump and ended in 1979.

The story of this manga begins when a boy named Takao Taniguchi who transferred from high school to an unnamed school. At that school, Taniguchi was chosen to be the captain of the baseball club.

Captain Baseball

The Captain manga was adapted into an anime special in 1980, and received an anime film in 1981, and a 2nd season anime series in 1083. The manga also received a live-action adaptation in September 2007.

Source: ANN