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Call of Duty Mobile Will Present a Gulag Map in the Season 7 Update!

For those of you who have played Call of Duty: Warzone on PC, you already know the Gulag map, right? Well, Tencent and Timi Studios don’t seem to want to miss the PC version. The reason is that recently the developer is known to also be presenting a gulag map in the Call of Duty: Mobile game.

It is planned that this Gulag map will be presented in the Season 7 update of Call of Duty: Mobile which will also come with a variety of new content, ranging from modes, Battle Royale maps, weapons, and more.


Just like the PC and Console versions, where players will be sent to a holding cell and forced to a 1vs1 duel in gunfight mode, after being eliminated/killed from the Verdansk battlefield. Players who win the 1vs1 duel will be immediately sent back to the battlefield area. In addition, Call of Duty: Mobile also presents a new event in the Battle Royale mode entitled ‘Radiated Sector’ and a new mode for Multiplayer entitled ‘Attack of the Undead’.

Moreover, later there will be other maps presented starting from Tunisia, as well as a new map expansion that adds new areas such as Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, and Sanitarium.