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Build the Strongest Karina Tank in Mobile Legends, Directly Auto Win

Build the Strongest Karina Tank in Mobile Legends

Karina tank
become the most popular META in
Mobile Legends game now.

Karina’s high mobility really supports her to roam quickly like a jungler in general.

Not only that, the large HP bar that the Karina tank has is a very inconvenient thing for her opponents, also supported by the effect
true damage from his equally terrible passive skill, making Karina a tank hero thick and painful at the same time.

The percentage of the use of META Karina tanks in various major tournament events also has a high win rate, making this META increasingly popular for use, both by players pro player as well as para
public ranked.

Right now, the majority Mobile Legends players have even chosen to do banned to Karina time draft pickwhich is proof that the Karina tank is indeed very over power to use.

Well, in this post, I will give you the best builds to use when using Karina tanks. Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the following reviews:


1. Tough Boots

Tough Boots

Tough Boots has a passive effect in the form of 10% crowd control reduction
which is very effective Karina tank uses to escape the effects
crowd control given by the enemy.

In addition, the attribute +22 magic defense the one in this item automatically makes Karina thicker to parry
burst damage from para hero mages.

However, if your enemy has the majority physical damage, then just replace these shoes with Warrior Boots.

2. Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet

The only effect of the item Cursed Helmet which is very useful for Karina is in her passive “Burning Souls” which can give effect burn to the enemy continuously for
hero it is near Karina.

Even though the actual effect burnIt’s not that big, but the effect is already very useful for increasing the percentage
poke damage owned by Karina tanks.

Oh yeah, effect burn from Cursed Helmet it depends on
max HP owned by Karina. So, try to buy items that have a lot of additional HP to increase damage of passive items Cursed Helmet the.

3. Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet is a defense item that can give Karina a large additional HP.

With the additional 1550 HP attributable to this item, Karina can automatically increase damage of passive items
Helmetwhile making Karina’s life thicker.

Besides that, Guardian Helmet It is also equipped with
HP regen big time hero you don’t accept
damagewhich is very effective for Karina to ensure her safety while escaping from enemy pursuit.

4. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

Athena Shield became the item that Karina used to overcome burst damage from hero mage thanks to the passive effect of this item in the form of reduction 25% magic damage.

Athena Shield it is very effective to use as a
counter from hero Pharsa, Harley, Eudora, Lylia or
hero mage burst other.

Try to use Athena Shield when the enemy really has a lot hero burst. If the enemy doesn’t have
mage burst heroes, then just replace this item with Antique Cuirass
or Brute Force.

5. Blade Armor

Blade Armor

If before Athena Shield used for
counter hero mages, then now it’s your turn Blade Armor what you have to buy to be counter for physical heroesespecially for marksman.

Blade Armor have a passive effect “Bladed Armor” which can reverse 25% basic attack damage given by the enemy.

In other words, the more basic attack The enemy you receive, the bigger it gets damage which the enemy will receive at that instant.

Besides that, Blade Armor also has a reducing effect
20% critical damagewhich is very suitable to use against hero with critical damage the majority are
marksman heroes.

Therefore, Blade Armor very good to be
counter for marksman hero such as Miya, Moskov, Kimmy, Karrie, and Nathan.

6. Immortality


Immortality is the last item for the Karina tank which will later be used to increase Karina’s durability when it enters the phase late games.

With its active effect “Immortal”this item will make
hero you rise again after dying from enemy attacks.

Even though when he revives his life is only a little, but the effect will be very crucial, especially if it has entered a phase late games.

Not only that, Immortality can also make your mental increase to be more daring to do team fightbecause hero you will not be easily hit again pick off from the opponent if you already have


1. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is the right backup item for Karina tank, because this item will be very effective to use against
hero with physical damage.

Antique Cuirass have a passive effect “Deter” which can reduce 8% physical damage when hit by a skill from the enemy. Worse yet, the effect can be stacked up to 3 times, which makes
hero you get thicker when hit damage of enemy skills repeatedly.

Antique Cuirass be the perfect substitute for Athena Shield
if your enemy has many skills physical damage.

2. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon became the second recommended item for Karina tank to replace the function of Immortality if the active effect has been used.

This item has an active effect “Frozen” what makes hero We
immune of everything damage for 2 seconds.

However, as long as the effect is active, hero you won’t be able to move anywhere, so you need a position and timing the right one so that the effect of Winter Truncheon this can run optimally.



Jungle Emblem

As a jungler with many defense items, the emblem
jungle-is the only right recommendation for Karina tank to make it faster to do farming and securing various objectives, such as jungle monsters, turtles, and lord.

Talent “Demon Slayer”

Demon Slayer Talent

Demon Slayer Talentor what you usually call “mustard” is talent good emblem used by Karina tank to increase damage spell retribution to lord or

It is very important for Karina tank to use it to win the duel
retribution when you’re fighting turtle or lord.


Bloody Retribution


Karina tank is very dominant used to fill the position as a jungler. Therefore, retribution Becomes
spell most appropriate to use to secure the objective
jungle easily.

Don’t forget to also use type retribution purple one
“Bloody Retribution” to add damage poke Karina by giving effect burn to the enemy.


That’s my post this time regarding the Karina tank build recommendations. If any of you want to add something, please write it in the comments column below.

Thank you


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