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Build Nasus Wild Rift Pain 2022

Nasus is a champion role fighter-tank reliable when entering the late game. Skill 1 will increase the stack when used to kill opponents. Well, in order to get the maximum, Build Nasus Wild Rift is recommended to be purchased.

As a tank, this champion must be thick thanks to it ultimate-his. If he gets the right item, he can be even more terrifying by killing the opponent with just one hit. Here are the recommendations for the build items that we have summarized from the LoL Wild Rift official site

Build Nasus Wild Rift Pain 2022

1. Trinity Force

Build Nasus Wild Rift Pain 2021

Stats :

+200 Max Health

+20 Attack Damage

+40% Attack Speed

+300 Max Mana

+25 Ability hastes

As fighter tanks, Nasus certainly needs cooldown and movement speed tall one. For that reason, Trinity Force is worth buying at the beginning of the game. This item will give Nasus a 200% physical damage bonus after using his skill.

2. Dead’s Man Plate

Dead's Man Plate


+300 Max Health

+50 Armor

Dead’s Man Plate will make Nasus even more difficult to overthrow. This is because the item can give armor and high HP for him.

3. Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness

+50 Move Speeds.

Sleek: Move speed slows reduced by 30%.

This item will help Nasus fight enemies who have slow skills. The effect will be reduced by 30% and will make this champion move more freely.

The active skill will also give movement speed as much as 15% within 3 seconds. With a cooldown of 60 seconds that instantly disappears when you attack your opponent or get hit.

4. Spirit Visage

spirit visage


+350 Max Health

+100% Health Regen

+45 Magic Resistance

+10 Ability Haste

This item has a function that is essentially the same as deadman’s plate. The difference is, the additional HP given is passive and continues to grow over a certain period of time.

Spirit Visage will give Nasus an additional Max Healt 350, Healt Regen 100%, Magic resistance 45 and a CD reduction of 10%. This item will also give an additional 30% of all types of regeneration.

5. Death’s Dance

Death's Dance


+300 Max Health

+35 Attack Damage

+10 Ability Haste

The next item that can be purchased is Death Dance, this item will make Nasus more sustainable during teamfights. He will give Nasus Lifesteal 10% with an additional bleed effect to the opponent. The passive bleed effect will last for 3 seconds from the 30% stack given.

This item will also give 3004 HO, 35 attack damage, and 10 haste ability which makes it thicker and harder to overthrow.

6. Guardian Angel

guardian angel wild rift


+40 Attack Damage

+40 Armor

Guardian Angel is one of the best defense items for tanks. This item will give Nasus armor and atk damage. Later, Nasus will get 50% heal and 30% mana after 4 seconds.

However, unfortunately the cooldown is quite long, which is 180 seconds, that’s why it is recommended to be the last item purchased when entering the late game.

Rune Nasus

Rune Nasus

The first rune recommendation for Nasus is GRASP OF THE UNDYING which will help restore HP and increase it.

Then there is GATHERING STROM which can increase 4 AP or 2 AD every 2 minutes. Then, HUNTER – TITIAN to increase HP and maximize his first rune.

And finally there is SWEET TOOTH which will increase the heal of Honeyfruit by 20%. Each fruit will also give 20 gold.

Well, that’s the sickest Nasus Wild Rift build that is recommended to buy and also this one runes champion. September be useful.