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Build the Most Over Power Karrie Mobile Legends Item 2022

Recommended Items Build Karrie Mobile Legends

Karrie is marksman hero in
Mobile Legends game long known as
hero counter para tank. It’s due to the effect of Karrie’s passive skill that can cause true damage what makes hero
this can weaken the armor of para tank quickly.

In today’s META, Karrie becomes marksman hero which is quite dominantly used in the area gold laneespecially after hero it received some buffs from Moonton on patches latest. You could say that Karrie’s current ability is ideal for use in the area gold lanebecause damage of his 1st skill can now be used to do clear lane more easily.

Plus with the deletion attack speed reduction on
ultimate skills
This makes Karrie now able to give more freely
damage to enemy heroes.

However, Karrie’s ability must also be supported by good build items so that power-it can come out more optimally. Therefore, in this post, I want to tell you that one of Karrie’s builds is very good worth it for you to try.

Oh yeah, before going into the discussion, Mimin wants to give you disclaimer First, the build that mimin will explain in this post is the Karrie build semi tank. Why not full damage? Because Karrie with build semi tank you can control more easily.

Different from build full damageKarrie semi tank tend to be more flexible to adjust positions in war. Besides that, you also don’t have to worry about getting hit pick off from the enemy, because Karrie with build semi tank has greater durability than build full damage.

Instead of me rambling on at length, let’s just go straight into the discussion of Karrie’s build items, which include the following:


1. Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots is Karrie’s first item you have to make. This item is useful for holding back a little physical damage from the enemy thanks to the additional effect 22 physical defense which you will get. Besides that, you will also get extra
40 movement speed which will be very effectively used to do roaming more quickly.

2. Endless Battle

Endless Battle

Who doesn’t know Endless Battle? Items physical This is indeed suitable for use by many heroespecially para
marksman heroes, because Endless Battle can cause effects true damage activated via basic attack. This effect is also useful for strengthening true damage from Karrie’s passive skill.

Apart from having an effect true damage, Endless Battle also have
10% physical lifesteal effect which is very useful for increasing Karrie’s survival chances when joining war. There are also other effects such as cooldown reduction, mana regen, addition
physical attack
, etc. So many effects obtained from Endless Battle This is what then makes this item suitable for use in various types
hero roles.

3. Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt

Same as Endless Battle, Thunder Belt This will also serve to strengthen the effect true damage that Karrie had drastically. Thunder Belt has a passive effect where this item can cause
50 true damage + 5% from max HP enemy which will activate 3 seconds after using a skill with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. Not only that, Thunder Belt will also make hero you guys are thicker, because this item has physical defense which is quite large.

For Carrie, Thunder Belt become a versatile item, because of the effect
true damagecan be used to strengthen his passive skills, while additional physical defenseit can be used to increase Karrie’s durability.

4. Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature

After the previous two items focused on improving true damage
Karrie’s, then it’s time to give the item defense in order to increase Karrie’s resistance from threats pick off enemy.

Wind of Nature is one of the items defensive that you can use, because this item has an effect immune against all physical attack for 2 seconds which Karrie can use to fend off all incoming enemy attacks. With this item too, Karrie can more easily defeat the enemy in a 1 vs 1 situation (by one).

5. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

Wind of Nature alone is not enough for Karrie, because the item is only used to ward off physical damage just. Therefore, you guys should make an antidote item magical damage to make Karrie’s durability more guaranteed.

Of the many items defense which exists, Athena Shield be the right choice, because this item will be very effective to ward off all
burst damage that comes, for example from hero such as Eudora, Aurora, Pharsa, and Lylia.

As is Athena Shield, then Karrie doesn’t have to worry anymore when dealing with hero mages, because the durability is already very strong to overcome all magical damage which come.

6. Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate

The last item, as well as being the most flexible item to use on Karrie, is Brute Force Breastplate. This item has an effect
4 physical and magical defense which can be
stack 5 times which makes it very effective against all types damage from the enemy, whatever physical or

Not only that, Brute Force Breastplate also has an additional effect
2% movement speed which Karrie could use to slightly increase her mobility. However, if you want to focus more on improving damage Karrie, then just replace this item with
Golden Staff.


1. Immortality


Immortality is the most important backup item that you must prepare for Karrie. With the effect that can make
hero you rose from the dead, Immortality will be very useful to use when it has entered the phase late gamewhere all possibilities can make your team win.

Immortality can also be used to improve your mentality to be more daring to do warbecause if the effect is still active, you can avoid the possibility pick off impromptu from the enemy.

2. Golden Staff

Golden Staff

Golden Staff be a good backup item to add options
gameplay you guys while playing Karrie. Use Golden Staff when you feel damage Karrie is still lacking to fight the enemy, because
Golden Staff can shorten the likelihood of effects
true damage from Karrie’s passive skill, so
basic attack Karrie could give more often
true damage to the opponent.

On the other hand, if you want Karrie with a thicker life, then just reserve it Golden Staffthen create items
defense to increase Karrie’s durability.


Marksman Emblem

Marksman Emblem

Because Karrie is marksman hero in charge of the area
gold lanethen the emblem that is suitable for him is the emblem
. Why is that? The marksman emblem has additional
attack speed & movement speed which is very suitable to be used to increase Karrie’s attributes so that it is easier for her to give damage when dealing with the enemy.


Talent Weakness Finder

For talent emblem, I advise you to use
talent “Weakness Finder” which can reduce
50% attack speed as well as 90% movement speed enemy. What’s more, with the effect talent the emblem that will only be active on
hero with a ranged attack, then it can be used by Karrie to reduce attack speed as well as movement speed from
hero marksman/mage enemy.

Reduction effect movement speed as well as attack speed what you get from talent Weakness Finder this can also be combined with the effect on Thunder Beltso that if both effects are active simultaneously, then your enemy is guaranteed to get a reduction movement speed & attack speed drastically.



Spell Inspire

After getting some revamp from Moonton in some patches final, Inspire be the only one

which is ideal to use for most marksman heroincluding Carrie.

New effects of Inspire spells which can have an effect
lifesteal can make Karrie even stronger to be in
war long-term. In addition, additional attack speed very drastic of spell This can also be used by Karrie to directly rain down on enemies with damage very large in such a short time.


That’s my post this time regarding the build item recommendations from Karrie. If any of you want to add something, please write it in the comments column below.

Thank you


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