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Bokuso Arts and Luxurious Chests Genshin Impact Guide

Bokuso Arts is an upgraded version for the Bokuso Box gadget in Genshin Impact. This will buff the entire party when you run the Three Realms Gateway Offering quest in Enkanomiya, and as long as you have a gadget.

Here’s our Genshin Impact Bokuso Arts guide to help you get this perk by opening Luxurious Chests and collecting Light Realm Cores.

Bokuso Arts Guide – Luxurious Chests and Light Realm Cores

There are six Bokuso Arts in Genshin Impact, which means six Light Realm Cores of Luxurious Chests. Before we get into where we can find them all, let’s talk about the benefits.

The items can be unlocked in any order, although there are a few that we recommend based on experience and character roster.

  • Blessing of the Tortoise – +30% DEF and +20% HP. Generally useless, because you probably don’t really need it. Save for last.
  • Ward of Obscurity – +25% burst damage. This is quite useful for extra DPS.
  • Boon of the Whalehunter – +30% normal/charged/plunging attack damage for those wielding swords, claymores, and polearms. This is quite useful only if you are using a character that often uses regular attacks (main DPS), compared to those who have a support role.
  • Blessing of the Runebow – +15% normal attack speed for those using bow and catalyst. This will be great if you like using characters like Ningguang or Yoimiya. It’s basically useless for Ganyu.
  • Grace of Conductivity – +100% Electro-charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro Swirl damage. This is good enough because you can still trigger elemental reactions.
  • Guerrilla Marathon – By far the most useful of the Bokuso Arts in Genshin Impact. Consider how Enkanomiya has many cliffs, ruins, and ravines, and there’s bound to be plenty of running, climbing, and sliding.

Bokuso Arts Guide – Location of the Light Realm Cores in Luxurious Chest (The Narrows)

Let’s talk about the Light Realm Cores found in the Luxurious Chests in The Narrows.