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Bigetron RA Roster - News and Game Guide

The journey of the Bigetron RA roster to become the world champion of PUBG Mobile through the PMCO Global Final Fall Split is very long. Because to get a slot to play in the PMCO Global Final, you have to go through various qualifying rounds.

Bigetron RA . Regional Roster Qualifications

Bigetron RA started its journey through PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2022 (PINC 2022). At that time Natic ​​was still at Bigetron and Microboy had not joined yet.

PINC was held for two days, starting from September 13-14 2022. There were 16 of the best teams in Indonesia participating in this tournament. The total prize for this tournament is 1 billion rupiah and the top four are entitled to the PMCO Fall SEA League slot.

However, Bigetron had to admit that the strength of EVOS Esports was stronger at that time and came out as the champion of PINC 2022, Bigetron was in second place. Because Bigetron RA has already received a direct invite to the PMCO Fall SEA League, the slot that Bigetron RA gets is given to the fifth rank, namely NFS Esports.

PMCO Fall SEA League

After PINC 2022, the captain of Bigetron, Natic, moved to the Bigetron ION team and his position as captain was filled by Zuxxy and Microboy came in to replace Natic. Then Bigetron RA’s next journey is PMCO Fall SEA League.

There are 24 best teams in Southeast Asia participating in this league and there are five teams from Indonesia. This league lasts for four weeks starting from 17/09/2022 to 13/10/2022.

With the entry of Microboy, Bigetron RA’s game is getting better, even coming out as 1st place and receiving a prize of $8600 USD and is entitled to take part in the PMCO SEA Championship.

PMCO SEA Championship

After the league, Bigetron RA’s journey continues to the SEA Championship. There are 16 of the best teams in Southeast Asia competing for the top two to secure the PMCO Global Final Championship slot.

This tournament only lasts for two days, from 02-03 September 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. It seems that several other teams already know how to fight Bigetron RA.

So Bigetron RA failed to get a ticket to the PMCO Global Final because it ended in 6th position. However, they are not discouraged and remain adamant, they will take part in the PMCO Fall Championship Prelims to get the PMCO Global Final slot.

PMCO Fall Championship Prelims

To get the PMCO Global Final slot, Bigetron RA must enter the top three in the prelims. The PMCO Fall Championship Prelims take place from 23-25 ​​November 2022 in Malaysia.

It seems that Bigetron RA has learned about the mistakes made earlier during the PMCO SEA Championship, they played very well.

So they managed to secure the Global Finals slot by being in second place.

Bigetron RA roster at PMCO Fall Split Global Final

In the end, Bigetron RA succeeded in participating in the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals. They are the only team from Indonesia.

The long journey they went through made them stronger. Bigetron RA always dominates from the first day to the last day.

They even came out as champions with very high points. Their insistence yielded very proud results.

But in PMPL ID S3 they had to be content to be runner up. But they can still pass to the next stage, namely PMPL Seas S3.

Team Achievements

  • PINC 2022 Champions,
  • PINC 2nd 2022,
  • PMCO Fall Split World Champion,
  • PMCO Spring Split Global Finals 5th,
  • PMSC 2022 Dubai 9th,
  • PMSC 2022 Taiwan 2nd