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Beware, Discord has been infiltrated by malware that can steal user data!

Beware, Discord has been infiltrated by malware that can steal user data!, Discord is an application that is very useful for gamers, with this application it makes it easier for them to communicate in games, but what happens if this application actually stabs the user in the back?.

The discord application, which until now has been the mainstay of gamers in communicating with their teammates in playing their favorite games, recently received bad news regarding the security of the users of this application themselves.

Reporting from the Bleeping Computer news site, it was explained that the Discord application, which had been able to keep its users’ data safe for the past few days, had been infected with a malware-type virus that could take over the victim’s account.

Beware, Discord has been infiltrated by malware that can steal user data!

AnarchyGrabber3 is said to be the mastermind behind all these problems, malware that appears from an active link can take over the accounts of those who have been stuck with this virus, not only stealing the victim’s account, this virus can also take sensitive data from its victims.

This virus itself does not actually come from the discord application, but this virus will be active if those who use a discord account click on a fake link that pretends to be a movie or application link, which if the suspicious application gets into your android system then it’s over.

Actually, to prevent this virus from entering your Android system or computer, there are quite easy steps you can take to protect yourself from this malware, including:

  • Do not download files, be it videos, applications, or documents from suspicious links
  • Download files from trusted websites
  • Don’t carelessly click suspicious links shared by your discord friends

For those who have already been exposed to this malware, there are easy steps to remove this virus, namely by uninstalling your discord application and then reinstalling it and it is also recommended to reset the password and activate two way authentication.

With this information, we from GameZero hope that our friends will remain vigilant against this kind of virus.

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