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Betsim Net FF, Free Diamond Producer, Is it Safe?

Betsim Net FF has long emerged as a free diamond provider application. The site is much sought after by Free Fire players who want to get free diamonds without buying them with money.

Diamonds are indeed needed to buy various skins, bundles and improve the quality of the game. But, is this site really safe?

What is Betsim Net FF?

Betsim Net FF App, Free Diamond Earner, Is it Safe?

The Betsim Net FF app is a site that provides free diamond ff that is much sought after. Diamonds are indeed a major factor when players want to buy the desired item. Cheat ways to get diamonds should be avoided.

But, what about this Betsim? On the first page of the web, users will be directed to login to the site using email or social media. If you don’t have an account yet, you must register first.

In addition to the website, Betsim Net is also available in the form of a mobile application that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. After logging in, there will be an option “Get More Bycoins”. Bycoin itself is digital money in the application.

Betsim Net FF App

When a lot of bycoins have been collected, users can reedem or withdraw at the link.

There are many options for exchanging coins, one of which is with Free Fire diamonds. To get 200 diamonds, you need to exchange 170 thousand bycoins.

How To Get A Lot Of Bycoins On Betsim

There are various ways if you want to get a lot of Bycoins, starting from distributing referral codes, watching videos and more. Here’s more.

1. Invite Friends

To get lots of Bycoins, you can first invite friends to register for FF via a referral code.

Make sure, friends use the referral code when registering on the betsim application or site.

2. Complete the Watch Video Mission

Another way to get bycoins is by completing the given missions. One of them, by watching the video until the end. Later, you will get 151 Bycoins.

Is Betsim Safe?

Talking about security, it is not certain because this application is not officially released by Garena. There must be such a thing as pros and cons. There are positive comments, there are also negative.

Indeed, at first many doubted whether this Betsin really paid? If you see content on Youtube, many have successfully made withdrawals. But, when in doubt, use an unused account.

To get just 200 diamonds will definitely be very time consuming considering you need to collect 170 thousand coins. Once registered, you only get 500 coins. Very waste of time and quota.

To avoid unwanted events, you should just buy FF diamonds directly at Garena or a trusted diamond shop.

Safe Ways to Get Free Diamonds

If you want to get a trusted free diamond, you can take part in an event from Garena. Developers often hold in-game events where many prizes will be offered. One of them is free diamonds.

Another way is to join the giveaway of YouTubers or Influencers. If you are lucky, you will get diamonds when you successfully answer their challenges. You can also take part in Free Fire tournaments, usually the prizes are diamonds in addition to trophies and certificates.

Well, for those of you who want to get diamonds but for Mobile Legends for free, you can take part in the tournaments that we regularly hold every week! Best of all, we do it for FREE! At no cost!

You have a chance to take home trophies and certificates! And cash too! For those who live in North Jakarta, you can directly register for the KHUFRA STARLIGT SKIN TOURNAMENT SPECIAL EDITION MLBB Tournament! With a total prizepool of 6000 diamonds and apophis skin! Deadline for registration is September 2, 2022