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Beastars Season 2 Anime Will Start Airing September 2022

good news for those of you who follow the Beastars anime. The anime adapted from the manga with the same title will re-air in September 2022.

The news comes from the manga’s newest 20th volume which was released in Japan on Thursday.

Like the first season, the second will be animated at anime studio CG Orange (Land of the Lustrous). The first season, which premiered in October 2022, can now be streamed on Netflix.

Here is a synopsis of Beastars:

A world where carnivores and herbivores coexist.

Eating meat is considered a serious crime. At the infamous boarding school Cherryton Academy, students are killed and consumed while an “eating crime” is taking place. When the academy is embroiled in riots, strange humanoid wolves and members of the drama club, Legoshi lives a quiet life in contrast to his massive build and sharp fangs.

However, one day, Legoshi meets a little female student who is a rabbit named Haru. This thrilled her to the core.

‘What feelings do I have for him? Is this Love? Am I hungry? ‘ The truth he got was his true instinct…

You can also read the manga. The story is quite fun to follow and also highly recommended.