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Army Geniuses, the Dota 2 Team Representing Indonesia at ESL One Los Angeles

Army Geniuses is a DOTA 2 team that is still quite competitive in Indonesia. The reason is that with the decreasing level of sustainability of the DOTA 2 tournament in Indonesia, many of the pro-players and esports teams have decided to shut down their DOTA 2 division. This is inseparable from the lack of tournaments in the country, of course.

Even though there are no tournaments in Indonesia, it doesn’t mean that DOTA 2 is dead from the realm of esports, and it doesn’t mean that every pro-player of this game has ended his career. Outside Indonesia itself, there are quite a lot of tournaments from DOTA 2, one of which is the ongoing tournament in Los Angeles, United States.

ESL ONE DOTA 2 Tournament

Army Geniuses Profile

Army Geniuses is a DOTA 2 esports team from Batam, Indonesia. This squad itself is filled by several players who are quite well known as pro-player Dota 2 in Indonesia, say, Lawlesshywhich comes from the team PG.Barrack. Here are the five players from Army Geniuses.

  • MamangPower (Middler)
  • StarGazer (carry)
  • woMy (Offlaner)
  • Lawlesshy (Support)
  • you_k (Support)

Army Geniuses Journey

The beginning of the appearance of the Army Geniuses name to the surface of the Dota 2 professional tournament was when they managed to qualify for the Group Stage of the Para Bellum 2022 tournament, which was held in Thailand. Their best achievement in this tournament is to finish third after losing to Neon Esports team.

After participating in the Para Bellum tournament, the Army Geniuses team is currently participating in the open qualifier phase for the ASEAN region where if they pass the open qualifier they are entitled to participate in the main event in Los Angeles.

Today, the Army Geniuses team is scheduled to compete against MsChonbury in the last 16 of the ESL One Los Angeles 2022 SEA Open Qualifier.