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Aphotic Diffusal Towers of the Void Guide

The Towers of the Void is the main destination in Genshin Impact’s Three Realms Gateway Offering event.

In the main quest known as Aphotic Diffusal, you are assigned to visit this land in Enkanomiya, advance against the disturbing darkness, until you can release light.

Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with Towers of the Void in the Aphotic Diffusal quest.

Aphotic Diffusal Towers of the Void Guide

As long as the Aphotic Diffusal quest is open, the location of the Towers of Void will always be marked. When heading to that location, beware of Corrison, because it will cause the Bokuso Box gadget’s charge to drain over time.

Because the Bokuso Box will become an integral part after reaching the tower area, it is important to remember not to drain the Bokuso Box’s charge.

One way that can be done is by farming sigils to raise the level, but that can take a long time.