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Aoko Sasaki's New Manga Will Be Released Soon!

Magazine’s official website Monthly Comic Gene Kadokawa announced that Aoko Sasaki’s new manga, titled Bokura no Nanokakan Senso will be released in a few months in 2022.

The announcement published on Saturday revealed that Aoko Sasaki’s latest work will be released on September 16 future. Shin Hashimoto is in charge of the original character designs for the manga.

Manga Aoko Sasaki

Previously he had also adapted Osamu Soda’s novel Bokura no Nanokakan Senso. While the currently announced manga is an adaptation of an anime film that will be released in December.

Unfortunately, the Movie’s broadcast schedule was changed to 2022. Kadokawa Shoten published the original novel of this series on September 1985 ago, the novel also spawned a series of print seq.

Source: ANN