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Amazing Red Diamond FF, Causes and How to Overcome

Some time ago, there was a red FF diamond scene which was a minus and could no longer be used. This problem makes many gamers feel disadvantaged.

Considering diamond itself is the in-game currency to be able to buy various items and participate in paid events.

To buy diamonds, there are many ways to do it, one of them is through top up. Currently, there are lots of shops to individual sellers that offer Free Fire diamonds at various prices, even below the normal price.

Why is Diamond FF Red? This is the cause!

Hebon Diamond FF Red, Causes and How to Overcome

YouTube source @Rizqi FDS

Recently, the FF community has been shocked by diamonds that are red and cannot be used to shop for items or participate in events.

So what is the cause? Reporting from Booyah, based on GM-PapperBag’s narrative, he explained that this red diamond was caused by an illegal top up.

Illegal in this case can mean not through an official shop or suspicious payments.

How to handle it

Red Diamond Hebon, Causes and How to Overcome it

source youtube @Rizqi FDS

To overcome the red diamond is easy. Users only need to make payments that match the number of diamonds that are red.

Make sure to tip up on the official website so that the diamond color is no longer red. In the future, don’t try to buy from illegal sellers again.

Also avoid sellers who offer diamonds at low prices tend to be below the market. You should top up on official sites such as codashop, unipin, upoint, in game, indomart and so on.

Illegal Seller Characteristics

In addition to offering cheap prices below the market, there are other characteristics of illegal diamond sellers.

The most common is that purchases are usually made by logging in to an account whether it’s Facebook, email or something else connected to a Free Fire account.

Meanwhile, for legal top ups, they usually only use a USER ID without a password. There are many illegal diamond sellers scattered on social media such as Facebook, ig and even in online stores with cheap offers but via login.

Buying diamonds at any seller also has the potential for scams or fraud. After making a payment, the buyer will not get diamonds instead the buyer’s account will be blocked by fraudsters.

Therefore, be careful, you should top up the diamond in a place that has been confirmed to be reliable so that you are not harmed.

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