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All Chest Locations in Yae Mikos Story Quest

Yae Miko is a mysterious and mischievous Grand Priestess released in Genshin Impact version 2.5. As a new 5-star playable character, he definitely has his own Story Quest.

‘The Great Narukami Offering’ is a Yae Miko quest, where Travelers will embark on a journey to become a novelist.

Similar to other story quests, there will be cases where players will have to enter the Domain once. In the Yae Miko Domain, players can collect six treasure chests before exiting the area.

1. Exquisite Chest in First Room

All Chest Locations in Yae Mikos Story Quest

The first chest can be obtained right after you enter the domain. Turn left after entering and eliminate all enemies to unlock the chest. The enemies guarding the treasure chest are Kairagi and two Nobushi.

2. Exquisite on the Lower Floor

All Chest Locations in Yae Mikos Story Quest

Go to the lowest floor of the domain using the elevator and jump down on the lower platform.

Defeat 2 Kairagi to unseal the Exquisite Chest. Make sure to activate the lights with Electro attacks because that is part of the task.