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Akiko Higashimura Creates New Short Manga!

Dafunda Otaku – The official website for Shogakukan’s magazine i.e.Monthly Spirits revealed on Wednesday that, Akiko Higashimura will launch a new manga titled Bara to Tulip (Rose and Tulip) in the magazine in its September issue.

The manga will be featured on the cover of the September issue, and the first chapter will be on color pages. The manga will later be a short serialization. The tagline in the image below reads in Indonesian: “I want to find it. I want to recover it. I’m the real one.

Akiko Higashimura Draws New Short Manga Titled Bara To Tulip
“I want to find him. I want to recover it. ‘The real me.’ “

This manga is part of a larger project where Higashimura credited for the original work. Adaptation Live-Action Movies which will premiere September 3 in Japan, starring South Korean actors and singers Junho in two roles

PV Film

The film will star Junho as Nero and Devon. Other cast members include Mitsuki Tanimura, Hyun Ri, Eri Fuseand Chansung. Teruo Noguchi who directed the film and Saeki Nejime the script writing part.

Sources: Monthly Spirits, Comic Natalie