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Aftermath Guide and the Call of Ice and Thunder Genshin Impact

After activating Towers of the Void, you can perform the quest Call of Ice and Thunder The Aftermath of the Aphotic Diffusal in Genshin Impact.

This will lead to a few more moves and some key battles, including against returning enemies. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Call of Ice and Thunder quest.


Return to Dainichi Mikoshi and talk to Tsumi again. He told you about the Abyss Lector which will be found in the Library area.

Well, it’s none other than our old friend, “Enjou,” who’s here to battle again. Dodge his spells and drop his HP until he takes out his Pyro shield.

Continue to dodge his attacks while causing elemental reactions to exhaust his shield. After Enjou is defeated, he will give you a pendant fragment.

Next, back at the central shrine, Tsumi was nowhere to be found. Now, you must use three mechanisms to guide the light. It will be marked on the map, so no need to worry. Here’s the gist:

  • The first area (northwest) is pretty straightforward, and it teaches some of the basics. For example, you can use the Bokuso Box to open an invisible ladder.
  • The second area (northeast) can be reached by activating the Anemo totem and riding the wind current up.
  • Finally, the third area (south) has the ruins of a giant building nearby. You’ll want to climb to the top of this structure and slide all the way to the first platform. Do a little platforming, and try not to fall.
  • When you reach the top of this area, use the Bokuso Box again to activate the mechanism. After completing tasks in all three locations, a short cutscene will be triggered.

Call of Ice and Thunder

Technically, the Ice and Thunder Summons only unlocked after the entire Aphotic Diffusal quest was completed. Basically, when you return to Dainichi Mikoshi, you’ll be able to jump over the chasm where you normally fought the Bathysmal Vishap Herd.