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After a week of voting, let's continue the Gaje Couple Season 3

Dafunda Otaku – For series lovers Gaje Couple which enlivened the Line Webtoon, now we can see and follow it again in the next season, namely Season 3. Who miss the story Adimas and Adeliaget ready.

This is the Gaje Couple Season 3 Release Schedule

The first release of this sequel itself is at the end of this month. Exactly on the date September 27 future.

Did you know, the story of the Gaje Couple or the Unclear Husband and Wife is a continuation of the My Pre-Wedding comic series created by Annisa Nisfihani.

This series itself is popular and crowded on the Webtoon service, if you haven’t read it! recommended. For those who want to read this comic in various other language versions, try this link. Gaje Couple Season 3 is ready to enliven this month.