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5 Ways to Smoothly Play Mobile Legends on Potato Cellphones

How to play Mobile Legends on Potato HP

Mobile Legends likes to do updates every month where in
updates there are often improvements to graphics, animations, etc.

Improvements that occur from time to time are increasingly being carried out, so there may be a lot at this time game player Mobile Legends who can’t play anymore due to smartphone what they use is not qualified to play Mobile Legends. Or many people call it a potato spec HP.

However, there are actually several ways that can be used to improve performance smartphone your potatoes. I have tried several of these methods and the effects are quite satisfactory.

Just the proof, smartphone I, who only has 2 GB of RAM and 18 GB of internal memory, can still play games Mobile Legends again after experiencing problems after
updates massive first.


Curious how?

Let’s just look at the following discussion:

1. Use the Developer Options Feature

Developer options are the most effective way to improve performance in my opinion smartphone you guys when playing Mobile Legends.

Until now, I even still use this method because the effect is really felt when games take place.

Before going to the steps, you must first make sure whether the developer options menu is in the settings smartphone We.

If the menu doesn’t exist yet, please activate the developer options menu first in the following way:

  • Open settingsthen look for the menu “About cell phone”.

  • Next, press menu “Form Number” or
    “Build Numbers” approximately 7 times until there is a notification “Now, you are a developer”.

Developer Options

For Xiaomi users, press on menu “MIUI Version” approximately 7 times.

Well, if you have received the notification, it means that the developer options menu is now available smartphone you and ready to move on to the next method.

After the developer options menu is in smartphone you, the next steps are as follows:

  • Go to settings in smartphoneyou guys
  • Click menu Developer Optionsusually the menu appears in additional settings.

  • Search menu
    window animation scale, transition animation and animator duration. Then change the scale to “animation dead”.

Developer Options

  • Next, look for the menu “Background process limit” and change the selection from the one that originally said “Standard limit” to
    “No background process”.

Developer Options

After that, try playing the Mobile Legends game first. If there is still no effect, please go to developer options again

  • Search then turn on menu “Force GPU rendering”
Developer Options

After that, please try playing again games Mobile Legends and see the difference.

I have proven this method myself and it works to reduce
lag while playing Mobile Legends.

formerly, smartphone I often experience lag when playing, especially when you’re team fightand lag it disappeared after I used the method above.

2. Clear game cache

Often stuck in loading screens? Try cleaning
game cache Mobile Legends and as a result you will not
stuck more time game loading Mobile Legends.

File cache it sometimes interferes with performance
smartphone you are about to play gamesespecially on
smartphone potatoes that really need maximum performance to play games.

Therefore, you must be diligent in cleaning cache so that problems like stuck in game loading Mobile Legends will not happen again.

For the steps as follows:

  • Go to settings smartphone you, then look for the menu

  • After that, select “Manage apps” then search games Mobile Legends.

  • Next, click “Clear cache” then try to open
    games Your Mobile Legends.

Clear Cache

If that method doesn’t work to overcome stuck in
game loading

Mobile Legends, please try other methods that I have discussed in the previous post, the link is below:

3. Clean internal memory

Internal memory can actually affect smoothness
smartphone you are playing games.

Full internal memory sometimes causes lag and
crash when playing games, especially when smartphone potatoes whose specifications are still mediocre.

I myself have experienced it while playing Mobile Legends, in the middle
games suddenly smartphone I suddenly jammed myself for no apparent reason, and after I checked it turned out that my internal memory was 100% full, which means games it may experience lag because there is no more memory to be able to store additional data that is in the games the.

Therefore, before playing games Mobile Legends, make sure to clear your internal memory at least 500mb first so that
games it can run well.

4. Setting all graphics to the lowest

For graphics settings for the Mobile Legends game, share smartphone You can see potatoes in the picture below:

Setting to low

If indeed smartphone you have potato specs, don’t be discouraged if you have to use the graphics settings that are low.

Septemberbe there are many people out there who will underestimate you. But remember, play games is about skill, no matter if you play games on graphics low or highif you have good skills, then victory can be achieved easily.

It’s also useless if you use graphics settings that are high but when you play it often lagin the end it’s even emotional itself.

5. Use Game Booster

Game Booster

For this fifth option, the level of effectiveness is very small, but still
worth it for you to try.

Game Booster is an application that can optimize performance
smartphone you by turning off some system applications when you are about to play games.

In other words, this application will cut your RAM usage while playing games. So, games what you will play can run smoothly without lag a little bit.

However, actually this application is not very effective because when you start playing, gamesthis application will continue to be active and even use the RAM in the smartphone We. Septemberbe, in some kind
smartphone apps like Gam Booster this can work well, but there are also types smartphone which has no effect when using Game Booster.

In essence, the effectiveness of the application Game Booster depending on the type and specifications smartphone We. However, my advice is to just try it first, if it doesn’t have any effect, please delete it immediately.


Okay, maybe that’s all my discussion this time is related
5 Effective Ways to Play Mobile Legends Games on Potato Cellphones.

If there are criticisms or suggestions, please write them in the comments column.

Thank you


Mobile Legends