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5 Heroes & Counter Items Thamuz Mobile Legends

5 Heroes & Counter Items Thamuz Mobile Legends

Thamuz is one of the hero sufficient overpower in META now that the skill is revamp by Moonton A month ago. Since being hit revampThamuz’s popularity immediately rose rapidly to match heroes – hero exp laner others, such as: Esmeralda, Dyroth, and Uranus.

Thamuz’s ability now which can issue his passive more easily makes him a fighter heroes which is very troublesome.
Damage from his passive skill which is true damage very difficult to overcome, because damage it will not be blocked by item defense.

Not only that, this Thamuz is also known to have very strong durability, even almost as strong as tank heroesthus allowing him to survive while inside team fight long-term.

Apart from being used as exp lanerYou can also use Thamuz as a jungler tanks. By using semi-defense items, Thamuz tank jungler it’s easier to dominate when
team fightat the same time can provide poke damage which is great through his passive skills.

Seeing the various advantages that Thamuz has, it’s only natural that
hero this is now often contested, be it in fashion
ranked or at the event tournament though. However, don’t be easily fooled by how strong Thamuz is patches now, because hero this is still available counter by some
hero and the following items. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:


1. Dyrroth


I mentioned earlier that Thamuz has almost as strong a durability as tank heroes. Therefore, it is necessary
armor breaker heroes like
to be able to weaken the thickness of the durability possessed by Thamuz.

Skill 2 Dyrroth (Spectre Step) that can penetrate enemy armor becomes a mainstay move for him to deal with heroes thick like Thamuz.

In addition, Dyrroth is also equipped with burst damage which is quite large from the ultimate skill (Abysm Strike) which he could easily use to deliver surprise attacks to Thamuz.

Although unfortunately the durability of Dyrroth is not as thick as Thamuz’s, but for one-on-one affairs in exp lane, Dyrroth was far superior.

2. Esmeralda


Hero tank mage
which has never been separated from META, it is still quite effective for you to use, especially to deal with hero thick like Thamuz.

which can absorb armor enemy make hero it’s very advantageous when fighting heroes thick, because the more lives they have, the easier it will be for Esmeralda to obtain absorb.

This Esmeralda is also very happy when attacked with hero at close range. Therefore, even if you have to deal with Thamuz, Esmeralda can withstand it easily until help from your team arrives.

Esmeralda could not kill Thamuz, and vice versa. However, what is certain is that Esmeralda can be used as a wall to block Thamuz’s movement, so that backline heroes you can do
free hits more easily.

3. Karrie


There’s no question about Karrie’s specialty as marksman hero the most reliable to overcome
hero thick like Thamuz. Effect true damage The one in Karrie’s passive skill became the main weapon for him to weaken Thamuz’s durability.

With build items attack speedKarrie’s attack will be disastrous for Thamuz, because true damageit will appear continuously, making Thamuz’s blood run out in a very short time.

To overcome fighter heroes and tank, Karrie is indeed the right choice for you guys user marksman.

4. Lylia


is hero mage known as slow effect as well as
burst damage very deadly since early game. This ability makes Lylia often used to overcome
fighter heroes and tank ythe majority have melee attacks to limit their range of motion when in a
team fight.

Slow effect The big one became Lylia’s mainstay weapon against Thamuz, because if Thamuz had been hit slow effectthen he will be very difficult to reach towards backline heroes We.

Burst damage that Lylia had was also very troublesome for Thamuz. Even though Thamuz’s durability is quite large, if he has been hit
slow effect

and burst damage from Lylia’s skill, then nothing else could save her.

5. Baxia


Thamuz is known as hero which have HP regen which is quite large from his ultimate skill. Therefore, to deal with it is necessary hero like
which can overcome all effects HP regen owned by the enemy.

Baxia passive skill (Baxia Mark) have effect life drain who can make gains life steal enemies are drastically reduced in a few seconds. With this effect, Baxia can easily lower the effect
life steal Thamuz’s so that the hero becomes softer for you to kill while inside team fight.

Besides, Baxia’s ultimate skill (Tortoise’s Puissance) equipped with slow effect which can be used to slow down Thamuz’s movements. Even though Baxia really can’t kill Thamuz in a one-on-one duel, but for business team fight Baxia is far superior.


1. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice
become an item counter first one I highly recommend when dealing with Thamuz. The passive effect of this item is similar to the effect
life drain
can make gain life steal owned by Thamuz drastically reduced.

Not only that, Dominance Ice also has a reducing effect
attack speedwhich allowed him to prevent Thamuz from activating his passive easily.

Dominance Ice This is very effective for fighter heroes and tank who are often at the forefront to make it easier for your team to dominate when doing team fight.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword

To overcome hero with thick durability like Thamuz, this item is the most appropriate recommendation for you guys
user marksman and jungler.

Passive effect of Demon Hunter Sword who can give
damage additional depends on max HP the enemy makes this item very effective to use to weaken the fighter and
tankers. With this effect, damage heroes you will automatically increase drastically when you meet hero thick one.

Therefore, in order to face hero like Thamuz,
Demon Hunter Sword

this is the most appropriate item of choice for you to use so that Thamuz’s durability can be easily destroyed.

3. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Poke damage
that Thamuz has is often very inconvenient to overcome, because the longer it takes hero you are near him, the more it hurts
damage which you will receive.

Well, to overcome poke damage of the Thamuz, item
Antique Cuirass this is the solution. This item’s passive effect can give stack damage reduction you can use for more survive when it was pasted by Thamuz.

With items Antique Cuirass, the longer hero you are hit by Thamuz’s passive skill, the bigger it gets damage reduction what you get. Therefore, poke damage what Thamuz has as if it will no longer feel the slightest.

Antique Cuirass This is very suitable for use on
tank heroes and fighter to strengthen their durability on the front lines, as well as to prevent Thamuz from attacking towards
backline heroes easily.


Well, that’s some hero and counter items which you can use when dealing with Thamuz. From various hero and these items, have you applied them in the match? Or do you think there is hero and counter items others that can be used as counter for Thamuz? Just write your opinion in the comments column.

That’s my discussion about
heroes & counter items Thamuz. Keep in mind that the entire content of this post is the result of my personal opinion, so if you have any additions, please write them in the comments.

Thank you


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