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5 Heroes and Counter Items Akai Jungler Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Akai Jungler

Akai became one tank heroes which is widely used as
jungler in META now. Not without reason, power heroes Akai after being hit revamp indeed very troublesome for his enemies, especially on ultimate skills Akai who now has an addition
movement speed.

Not only that, now ultimate Akai can be combined with skill 1 to make a surprise attack on the enemy so that he is immediately pinched and cannot escape easily.

It must be admitted that the effect knockback from ultimate Akai is very now overpowered, so it’s natural if a lot player who chose to banned Akai moment draft picks.

However, no matter what over powerAkai’s, there are still some
hero and items that can be counter-his. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the following discussion:


1. Diggie


Effect knockback from ultimate Akai is indeed a terrible scourge, so it is necessary hero who has anti CC skills to deal with it.

Diggie is the right recommendation to fill this role, because Diggie has an effect immune to crowd control contained in
ultimate skills hers.

With this skill, Diggie can make all his teammates
immune to effect knockback from Akai, as long as all his comrades are within the area ultimate Diggie. Not only immuneall teammates who are in the area ultimate Diggie will get
shield which can be used to increase durability
hero We.

However, unfortunately the effects of ultimate Diggie doesn’t last long, so it’s needed timing so that the effect can run optimally. Try to use ultimate Diggie only when Akai uses ultimateher too.

2. Karrie


Karrie is marksman hero which becomes
counter tank thanks to effect true damage which is in his passive skill.

Effect true damage the big one, plus
attack speed very fast, allowing Karrie to kill
tank heroes like Akai very quickly.

Even so, Karrie is still vulnerable to the effects knockback from Akai, so you need to use sprint spells to dodge and take the right position to get free hits.

3. Irithel


Just like Karrie, Irithel became one marksman hero
which can be used to overcome Akai very easily.

Irithel is hero which can attack the enemy while walking, which allows him to dodge ultimate Akai very easily when compared to marksman hero other.

Not only that, Irithel is also equipped with critical damage which is very large when it enters the phase late game which can make Akai die instantly with just a few times basic attack just.

I recommend using sprint spells to make Irithel able to do free hits more easily, while at the same time avoiding the effects ultimate knockback Akai.

4. Valir


Valir is the right recommendation for keeping a distance from Akai, because hero it has skill 2 “Searing Torrents” which can cause effects knockback with great distance.

With this skill, Valir can immediately repel Akai who is using ultimate. Not only can repel it, Valir can give effect stun from his passive skill that can be used to inhibit the movement of Akai.

It’s not enough to stop there, Valir can also escape the effects
knockback Akai blessing ultimate skillsthe one with the effect immune of all effects crowd control enemy.

The many advantages that Valir has made him able to become a
counter The most effective Akai. If you don’t believe me, just try it first.

5. Valentina


If you are annoyed with the effects knockback from
ultimate Akai, why don’t you just copy it using Valentina?

With Valentina, you cancounter Akai very easily, because Valentina can copy Akai’s ultimate which you can use to fight tops with him while inside team fight.

Try to use ultimate Valentina at the same time as
ultimate Akai to prevent it from taking effect
knockback to your teammates.


1. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon
be the right recommendation item for you to use when dealing with Akai, because this item has an active effect “Frozen” who can make
hero We immune of all damage for 2 seconds.

During the effect of Winter Truncheon it is active, hero you will not be able to be affected knockback from ultimate A little bit.

However, with the effect only lasting 2 seconds, it is necessary
timing which is right to activate it rather the effect is not wasted.

2. Immortality


function to make hero you are safe even if you get hit
lock from ultimate Akai. With its passive effect “Immortal”,
Immortality can make hero you come back to life even with very few lives.

Immortality this is very effective for you to use when you have entered a phase
late games, because in these phases it is a very crucial condition to win a game match.

Importality can also be used as mental booster so that you can be bolder team fight.


That’s all my discussion this time is related hero & items
counter Akai jungler. If there are additions from you, please write them in the comments column below.

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