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5 Hero & Item Counter Valentina Mobile Legends

Valentina is hero mage in Mobile Legends game which was just released some time ago. Just like like
hero Another new thing, after the release Valentina immediately became a subscriber
banned among the ranked players.

The size burst damage Valentina’s possession is supported by her high mobility ability to be the main factor why hero this is very over power.

In addition, the ability ultimate Valentina who can steal skills
the enemy seems to make it very flexible to use in various situations so that the enemy is sometimes difficult to do counters.

However, there are actually some hero or items that you can use to become counter from Valentine. Want to know the answer? Let’s get straight into the discussion.


1. Valir


Valir in META is now indeed a hero classified
. But make no mistake, hero you can use this as a
counter for Valentine.

Valir has an effect crowd control of skills
Torrent Searing (skill 2) which allows him to easily keep his distance from Valentina. Not only that, ultimate Valir’s possession will also be useless if it is taken by Valentina.

Ultimate Valir only has a buff effect that is used to strengthen his 1st and 2nd skill. Well, if ultimate If it is taken by Valentina, then it will be useless, because Valentina’s skills cannot be strengthened at all.

2. Harith


One of hero Mimin’s favorite is indeed very good to use as a counter Valentina. His high mobility allows Harith to easily catch Valentina when war, especially with

Harith also has a higher HP percentage than Valentina which makes him able to win duels easily.

Just like Valir, there’s no point in Valentina stealing
ultimate Harith, because ultimate Harith only had a buff effect tocooldown reset of his 2nd skill.

3. Popol Kupa

Popol Kupa

Popol Kupa can be the right choice for those of you who don’t want to be complicated when dealing with Valentina. Hero it has trap
which you can use to detect Valentina in the grass area.

If Valentina has been detected, then just attack using
ultimateeffect stun from ultimate You can use the old Popol Kupa to kill Valentina easily.

Then what if Valentina steals ultimate Popol? There’s no need to worry, because Valentina won’t be able to steal Kupa so
ultimate what was stolen seemed to be of no use at all. Septemberbe steal
ultimate Popol but Kupa didn’t get stolen, what can you try :v

4. Gusion


Hero assassins
mainstay of fast hand player this turned out to be a pretty terrible specter for Valentina. You can rely on Gusion’s very fast combination skill attack to kill Valentina in a short time.

Ultimate from Gusion also won’t have much effect if it is stolen by Valentina because Valentina will only be able to do blink just.

5. Lylia


Hero last entered list this time it was Lylia.
Hero mage which was quite in demand at the M3 event yesterday, it is known to be quite troublesome when used in the area mid lane.

His ability to do clear lane quickly added to the effect slow which is quite large in skill makes Lylia very suitable to be used as a counter Valentina. Effect slow This amount can later be used to reduce Valentina’s high mobility.

Valentina also won’t dare to steal Lylia’s ultimate because Lylia’s ultimate doesn’t have much effect if used by Valentina, it can only be used fordash just maybe :v


After knowing hero counterSo, next, let’s discuss some items that can be used to overcome Valentina’s abilities.

1. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

The size burst damage Valentina who can no longer be tolerated is the main reason why Athena Shield is the most appropriate recommended item to be Valentina’s counter.

Thanks to the effect magic defense very high on the Athena Shield made hero you are more sustainable again when hit
damage from Valentine. With this Athena Shield, then
hero you guys will definitely become thicker when fighting
hero – hero mage
like Valentine.

2. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is the right item of choice to overcome the effect
HP regen Valentina is too big. With effect
lifedrain on this item, then HP regen Valentina received would be greatly reduced.

Not only that, you can also use Dominance Ice to reduce it a bit attack speed Valentine so hero you don’t take too much damage.


That’s my discussion regarding hero & items
counter Valentina. Keep in mind that all the contents of this post are the result of my personal opinion as a Mobile Legends players.

Therefore, if there is something you want to add, then just write your opinion in the comments column.

Thank you


Counter Hero Mage Mobile Legends