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5 Hero & Item Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Counter Esmeralda Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know Esmeralda? Hero always a subscriber pick when this tournament was famous for being a XP laner which is quite strong.

Esmeralda’s ability to absorb armor the enemy became one of the factors of his popularity. With that ability, Esmeralda can easily overcome heroes thick, because it gets thicker
armor the enemy has, the stronger it is
power Esmeralda against him.

For example, when facing Johnson, Esmeralda can easily absorb all armor from Johnson’s passive skill that makes it seem easier to kill when dealing with Esmeralda.

Then, how to solve it? For those of you who don’t know
counter-In this post I have provided at least 5
hero and Esmeralda counter items. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion.


1. Lunox


Lunox has always been known as an antidote
heroes thick like Esmeralda. Ability of
ultimate Chaos Lunox can provide burst damage continuously allowing it to easily destroy the whole
armor that Esmeralda had in a fairly short period of time.

Not only that, Lunox is also equipped with skills escape of skills
ultimate Order which automatically makes it more flexible to use when war. Of course you also know that Lunox has a tik tok combo that you can use to surprise your enemies with
damage the big one.

With Lunox’s many abilities, there’s no other reason for you not to use hero it’s time to meet heroes thick like Esmeralda.

2. Karrie


Just like Lunox, Karrie is also a hero which is known to be very effective in overcoming heroes thick like Esmeralda.

Effect true damage on his passive skill that can’t be blocked with any item makes damage Karrie seems to be sicker if she gets hit by a
hero with a thick life.

Especially if Karrie already has an item golden staff, guaranteed
true damageit will come out continuously which will make Esmeralda just as soft as marksman hero or mage.

Karrie is also getting buff in patches last so
hero This is now even more ideal for filling areas
gold lane.

3. Kaja


If you want to eliminate Esmeralda in one skill combo, then Kaja can be the right solution. Combo of skills
ultimate Kaja that has an effect Surpress guaranteed not to be stopped by hero anywhere.

With that skill too, Kaja can easily bring Esmeralda towards your friends to make it easier to gang up on her.

I suggest you guys to use build damage so that
burst damage from Kaja’s skill can come out to the maximum.

4. Baxia


Baxia is the right recommendation for you players
tank. Baxia is indeed a hero tank effective enough to be counter for Esmeralda, because hero it has effect
healing reduction contained in the skill ultimate-his.

In addition, Baxia’s high mobility can also be used to do roaming more quickly to help
heroes – side lane heroes who may be affected pressing by Esmeralda.

You can also place hero it’s in the area side, because Baxia’s ability is still very ideal to be in that area. Septemberbe Baxia will have a little trouble doing clear minionsbut at least Baxia isn’t worried about threats ganking from the enemy.

5. Dyroth


For those of you who like fighting mechanics, Dyroth is the right choice when you face one lane with Esmeralda. The ability of Dyroth’s 2nd skill that can reduce armor enemies up to 75% makes it very easy to give deal damage big to Esmeralda since
early games.

Dyroth is also equipped with effects lifesteal which is quite large from his passive skill which makes hero this is very superior on paper when dealing with Esmeralda in the phase early games.

What you need to remember when using Dyroth is never be afraid to fight Esmeralda especially during the phase early game. Try to immediately repay Esmeralda with skill 2 then freeze lane hers to gain goldis far behind.


1. Anti Lifesteal Items

Anti Lifesteal Items

anti item lifesteal is a very appropriate counter item for Esmeralda, because the effect of the item itself will reduce
HP regen Esmeralda by 50% for 3 seconds. That way, Esmeralda will be easier to killbecause he can no longer absorb
armor enemy to the max.

anti item lifesteal This is a must for all roles,
except role jungler, because there are 3 items themselves and all of them can be adjusted according to role We. If you use
tank heroes or fighter yes use it Dominance Ice or
seahalberd, if you use hero mage yes use NOD.

2. Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor

Due to damage Esmeralda is magic damage and has no effect burst which is too big, then
Radiant Armor be the right recommendation to use, especially if you use heroes who should be at the forefront, like tank or fighters.

Radiant Armor also very useful to overcome
magical damage from hero more so you don’t have to buy anymore Athena Shield.


So many discussions from me related hero & items
counter Esmeralda. Keep in mind that all the contents of this post are the result of my personal opinion as a Mobile Legends players.

Therefore, if there is something you want to add, then just write your opinion in the comments column.

Thank you


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