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5 Hero and Item Counter Nana Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Nana Mobile Legends

Since getting buff in patches newest, Nana instantly became top pick heroes which is very often contested in META now.
Hero Leonin this adorable one is up for grabs thanks
power pick offits very high, supported also with effects
morph from Molina (skill 2) makes Nana easily interfere with the movements of her enemies.

Skill 1 Nana “Magic Boomerang” also get buff an increase in animation speed. So, now skill 1 can be easier to use for installments hero enemy. Even though Molina’s pursuit area is reduced, it doesn’t have much effect because of the animation speed
ultimate skills Nana was also getting shortened.

The impact, since being hit buff that Nana never leaves the column banned or contested when first pick. No matter what the situation is, it’s always there player who uses Nana because indeed power hero-It’s really annoying in META right now.

Therefore, to overcome it, you must know what to do
Nana’s hero & item counter. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:


1. Pharsa


Pharsa is hero mage burst which you can use as the main alternative to overcome Nana. With ultimate area-With a very wide range, Pharsa can easily kill Nana from a great distance without having to worry about being affected morph from Molina.

Not only that, this Pharsa is also equipped with escape skills from skill 4 “Queens by Wings” which can make it fly away to adjust position very easily.

Viewed in terms of team fightPharsa is also superior when compared to Nana, because hero it has a lot of skills with burst damage that can even kill his enemies in one go hit just.

2. Kagura


For those of you who like to play pick-off, so hero this is the most appropriate to use to kill Nana in an instant.

Since the first Kagura has indeed been famous as a hero mage pick off which is very deadly. With just one skill combo,
marksman hero or mage like Nana had definitely vanished in Kagura’s hands.

To support power pick offof it, Kagura is also equipped with anti-skill skills crowd control which he can use to dodge various attacks from Nana.

3. Natalia


It’s no secret that
become the mainstay to overcome hero – hero mage like Nana. Thanks to the effect invisible which is in her passive skill, Natalia can easily find Nana’s whereabouts wherever she is.

As a assassinNatalia is equipped with
burst damage so high that he can eliminate Nana with just a few times hit just.

The mobility of Natalia is also not kidding. He is even known as assassin heroes the most troublesome, because his attacks are invisible, coupled with his mobility speed which is difficult to catch up.

However, unfortunately until now Natalia was very often affected
bannedso you guys might very rarely be able to play using Natalia while in draft picks.

4. Beatrix


Beatrix is marksman hero with a wide selection of types of weapons that can make it always able to be used in all conditions, especially if it’s only made into counter Nana, auto is really easy.

Even though it’s true power heroes of Beatrix this is quite difficult to learn, but because damagethe one who’s been sick since the phase
early game make it marksman hero the most powerful in META right now.

Even to overcome hero like Nana, Beatrix had tons of options. First, Beatrix can kill Nana at close range using Shotgun. Or secondly, Beatrix can kill Nana from a great distance using ulti Sniper-his.

5. Kufra


Hero last in list this time I will close with tank heroes. Yep, Kufra became tank heroes the right choice to use as
counter Nana, because hero This can deliver a surprise attack from a great distance.

With skill 1 “Tyrant’s Revenge”, Kufra can directly fly towards Nana and give effect airborne which was enough to keep him from escaping.

If the combo skill 1 is still lacking, Kufra can immediately give effect stun instantly via ultimate skillsher to guarantee Nana’s death.

The number of skills with effects crowd control what Kufra has is very advantageous for him to kill hero like Nana who doesn’t have much escape skills.


1. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

Athena Shield
become an item defensive the most recommended for you to use when dealing with Nana.

With its passive effect that can provide a reduction
magical attack 25% for 3 seconds, Athena Shield can automatically ward off everything burst damage given by Nana.

However, you also need to remember that the effect only lasts for 3 seconds, so you inevitably have to be smart to play tug-of-war to maximize the use of passive items. Athena Shield this.

Athena Shield suitable for all role hero, because this item will guarantee survival hero you when you meet magical burst heroes like Nana.

2. Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor

Not much different from Athena Shield, Radiant Armor also become an item defensive choice to be counter for Nana thanks to the reduction effect 3 – 10 magical damage which can be
stack up to 6 times.

That is, the longer hero you got hit damage from Nana, the greater the reduction will be damage what you will get when you use the item Radiant Armor this.

Radiant Armor very suitable for use on fighter heroes and
tank to increase their durability when on the front line when doing team fight.

3. Immortality


The last item you can use as Nana’s counter is

Active effect Immortality “Immortal” who can make hero you guys come back to life making this item the most appropriate solution to ensure survival hero even you have been hit
burst damage from Nana.

Immortality This can also be used to minimize blunders when entering the phase late gamebecause hero you still have a chance of surviving the threat pick off when using this one defensive item.


That’s 5 hero and items counter Nana that you can try using in META now.

Thank you


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