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5 Google Docs features you may not know about

AYOTEKNO.ID– In 2022 in particular, Google has added some additional features that are sure to make Google Docs users very helpful.

So if you’re one of those users who feel left out when it comes to anything new, there’s no need to worry. Here are 5 Google Docs features you may not know about:

Emoji reaction
For those times when it’s hard to come by or you’re just too lazy to type, Google Docs allows you to respond to text with simple emojis instead of the usual typed text.

  • Highlight the word, sentence, or paragraph you want.
  • Click the emoji icon on the right (below the comment icon).
  • Select an emoji from the list that appears.

Format without pages
Sometimes you need to get rid of annoying page breaks, especially if you want to insert a wide table or picture.

You can set your Document to be pageless so that it keeps scrolling without page breaks, making it easier to read and print.

  • Open File and select Page Setup.
  • At the top of the dialog window, select Pageless.
  • Click OK to confirm.

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table template
Hate creating tables from scratch? Instead, you can choose one of the four available tables — they don’t offer much variety, but this feature can be very useful for monitoring work and product development progress.

  1. Click Insert > Table > Table Template.
  2. Choose between Product Roadmap, Review Tracker, Project Assets, and Launch Content Tracker.

Drop-down menu
Drop-down lists are a useful tool when entering data. They offer input options, without creating clutter in the document, and you can use them to select project status, answer questions, select locations and so on.

  • Google Docs offers preset and custom drop-down menus to fit any document. Choose where you want the drop-down to be. You can place it anywhere in the text or in the table.
  • Click Insert > Dropdown.
  • Choose between Preset Dropdown to insert a Project Status or Review Status menu.
  • Select New Dropdown to create a custom list. You can name, add items, and choose a color for each item. Click Save when done.

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