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5 Best PUBG Mobile Melee Weapons

PUBG Mobile comes with one of the best arsenal of weapons, with top-class assault rifles, Sniper rifles, and so on. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best melee weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Weapons have an important role in the game. If the player is not equipped with a good weapon, he can be easily killed by the enemy. Septemberbe you have difficulty choosing what weapons are suitable for close combat or close combat. Here we provide recommendations.

#1 Groza

Groza is the most recommended assault rifle for use in close combat or close combat.

With a base damage of 47, this weapon is considered the highest in PUBG Mobile for the assault rifle category. Groza is also a melee weapon that is preferred by attackers because it has a fire rate of 0.080 seconds.

#2 UZI

UZI is one of the most widely used Best SMGs. This gun has pretty impressive burst shots. With explosive damage in 1v1 battles.

This weapon uses 9mm ammunition and is equipped with three additional attachments namely muzzle or muzzle, magazine and stock. With full attachments, UZI can be an invincible weapon in close combat PUBG Mobile.

#3 M249

The next best PUBG Mobile melee weapon is the M249 which is an exclusive drop weapon. This item has the highest ammo capacity per round among all weapons in PUBG.

Players can get 100 bullets per round from weapons and can take down all team squads easily with just a single pray. This 5.56mm gun is available on all maps.

#4 MK14

MK14 is the exclusive DMR cum assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. It is a melee weapon that is quite lethal in the game.

That’s because the damage from a single shot is huge. MK14 will deal basic damage damage of 61 hit points per shot.

The only drawbacks of this weapon are its slow reloading and low ammo capacity. It’s not uncommon for players to be thrown or die while trying to reload or don’t have an extended magazine.

#5 M416

The last best PUBG Mobile close combat weapon on the list is the M416 which is a versatile assault rifle.

That’s because this weapon can be assembled with a variety of attachments, ranging from close, medium and far range. If you want to use it to play at close range, just install a compensator, Angled Foregrip, plus Red Dot Sight (RDS).

This gun is also equipped with 5.56 mm ammo and has a high spawn rate in all maps in PUBG Mobile.

Well, that’s the best PUBG Mobile melee weapon that is recommended for use. Follow the Champions Website to get information about the best and interesting esports.

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