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5 Best Oneshota Manga Recommendations, Awesome!

Dafunda Otaku – I’m from Community Here it comes again with new recommendations for your friends and entertainment in your spare time. Continue to support this Community actively together to exchange stories about the world of Otaku, or you who provide criticism and suggestions. Okay, go on.

The recommendation this time is not from the anime category, but from the manga themed about a story that raises the life of a man who is still a teenager (Shota), living with a beautiful and charming female character aka Oneesan called manga series Oneshot.

5 Best Oneshota Manga that are Suitable for You Fans of Big Brothers!

Before that, do you know what Oneshota is? For explanations and related unique things, it’s a good idea for you to read this article first > Getting to know Oneesan (Oneshota) and Ara-ara. And here are the five recommendations for the best Oneshota manga in question:

1. Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san

Recommended Best Oneshota Manga Dafunda Otaku

Hehe, for those of you who are bored with Isekai and want to find Alternative for the series! manga about a story with the theme of Oneshota entitled Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san is one answer.

This manga tells about Shiina battery who migrated to the city of Tokyo to continue their junior high school education. Well, in an overseas city, he lives with a kind-hearted sister who takes care of the dormitory where he lives named Ayaka Sunohara.

Various light comedies will be a fun spice in this manga. And the plus point of this manga is recommended! Fanservice from the adorable sister who adorns Aki’s life. In Tokyo, she is treated like a woman by her adorable older sister, making you jealous! brrrr.

2. Watashi no Shonen

Recommended Best Oneshota Manga Dafunda Otaku

Okay, next there is a manga series that tells about Satoko Tawada. In the story, he is an office worker who is already in his thirties but is still single.

It all started when he found a handsome boy named Mashuu Hayami who was practicing alone in the park. Septemberbe because a mother’s soul has grown, she decided to accompany and take care of Hayami.

In the story, you will find their relationship, which was previously just an acquaintance, becomes deeper and deeper. In fact, each other fills each other’s loneliness.

Watashi no Shonen doesn’t show adult scenes that make you squirm, this series teaches a few things about how to treat loneliness, and it deserves to be called the best Oneshota manga recommendation.

3. Yankii Shota to Otaku Oneesan

Recommended Best Oneshota Manga Dafunda Otaku

Well, if this one really focuses on the theme of a cute girl who is looking for Shota because she really likes him. In the story, an Otaku named Kazuko Saeki really like the character Shota.

One day, he meets Shota in the real world and Boom! what happened? follow this series right away, hehe. It shouldn’t be called the best Oneshota Manga, it’s up to you to decide.

4. Ninja Girl in Love (Shinobazuno!)

Recommended Best Oneshota Manga Dafunda Otaku

The next cool Oneshota manga is a series that tells about a 17-year-old ninja girl who has a duty as a bodyguard to the heir of the Ogami family named Kazuki Ogami who is 14 years old.

The ninja girl herself named Shino Ichikawa. For further spoilers, I can’t give it. According to the theme, this series will show Shota’s relationship with Oneesan that might make you jealous.

5. Young Master and Maid (Bocchan to Maid)

Recommended Best Oneshota Manga Dafunda Otaku

Okay, finally there’s the Oneshota manga titled Bocchan to Maid. Not much different, this series has a depiction of a storyline similar to Ninja Girl in Love. However, the Oneesan character in the story is a Tsundere.

To prove how worthy the five manga were to be called the best Oneshota manga recommendations ever, try to follow the story yourself. If so, come back here and write your opinion regarding the experience of seeing Shota and Oneesan’s relationship in the comments column.