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4 Reasons Masha Banned in Mobile Legends Ranked Match! – Since the beginning of the Masha Mobile Legends revamp which was used to increase the damage from the 3 life hero, the fighter has become one of the heroes who have been banned the most in the MOBA game this week.

This is because the buff given by Moonton turns out to be more OP than it should be, and makes many players who, compared to having to fight the fighter hero, choose to be banned altogether.

With a Win rate of 62.68% and a Banned rate of 7.51% in the Mobile Legends match, here are the reasons why Masha was banned in the Mobile Legends Rank match!

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1. Sick in Early and Late Game

Masha herself is one of the heroes who has the most damage in both early and late games. A high attack speed that depends on the percentage of HP that has been reduced, coupled with a damage ability that depends on the amount of health possessed by Masha makes this hero very sick both in the early and late games.

Worse yet, if other heroes are becoming more and more useless as the match progresses, Hero Masha will get sicker with the build items she has so that the enemy will be stuck.

2. Annoyingly High Mobility

Hero Masha has high mobility that even without having roaming items or shoes can master the map easily.

This is due to the effect of his skill 1 which not only increases his attack speed and damage, but also his movement speed by reducing his health.