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4 Interesting Facts About Hero Nana Mobile legends

Interesting Facts about Nana in Mobile Legends

Nana has recently become hero mage the most contested in every match.

After receiving a little adjustment from Moonton in some patches Lastly, Nana’s popularity skyrocketed to match
hero mage others, such as Xavier, Cecilion, and Yve.

Well, for the player Nana, do you know some interesting facts behind it? Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the discussion along with interesting facts about hero Nana Mobile Legends.

1. Released in 2022

Even though her character looks like a child, Nana turns out to be one hero oldest released at the beginning
Mobile Legends games.

Hero mage support This has been released since 2022. At that time, Mobile Legends game still in BETA and not as popular as it is now.

At the beginning of the release period, Nana was already known as hero mage which is troublesome, because at that time ultimate skills Nana can throw enemies into the air in a large area like
ultimate skills Gatotkaca.

2. The only hero that can change the shape (morph) of enemy heroes

Molina, Nana’s close friend, is the most troublesome scourge for the enemy, because the small, cute, and adorable animal can change shape.
(morphs) the enemies so that they cannot cast skills or run away easily when they are touched by Molina.

Well, did you know that it turns out that Nana is the only one
hero in Mobile Legends game which can give effect
morph to hero enemy. Effect morph it is found in skill 2 Nana “Molina’s Gift” which could throw Molina where it was directed.

Just throw Molina near the enemy and see how Molina gets the job done.

3. His First Skill Never Changed

Since the beginning of its release, Nana has undergone many changes to her skills, except for skill 1 “Magic Boomerang” which until now still has the same animation and effects as when it was just released.

I don’t know why, Moonton never change the effect or shape of Nana’s 1st skill. The only thing that has changed from Nana’s 1st skill is only in terms of damage and effects slow which are given.

Though, skill 2 and ultimate skills Nana has gone through a lot of changes. I even remember ultimate skills The first version of Nana that can cause effects airborne to enemies in a very large area, the OP is really good first ultimate skills-his.

4. One Race with Harith and Aulus

Judging from the origin story, Nana turns out to be part of the race
Leonin, just like with Harith and Aulus. Nana also suffered the same fate as race Leonin in general, is known to be naughty and is always isolated so he doesn’t have many friends.

Nana’s fate is further exacerbated by her ignorant attitude and her inability to control the magical magic she has. It is said that Nana once destroyed a large party in her village just because she could not control the magic power she had.

Because of that, Nana ends up traveling with Molina to find out how to control magic power so that the mistakes she made don’t happen again. You can see the full story in
The Story of Hero Nana, The Mischief From the Leonin Nation.


Well, those are some interesting facts about hero Nana
Mobile Legends. If there are additions from you, please write them in the comments column. You can too hero request what should I discuss in the next post.

Thank you


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