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4 Best Football-themed Manga Recommendations!

Dafunda Otaku – In the real world, Football is one of the most popular sports and is loved by various groups from all over the world. Especially those of us who really love and want the progress of local and national football Indonesian National team.

Some time ago, we have received an extraordinary gift from the Indonesian national team, where they were able to win the title in the international championship, namely the AFF under the age of 22.

To further ignite the love of football, here are four recommendations for the best soccer manga for you.

4 Best Football-themed Manga Recommendations

The following four comics or manga are various recommendations for the best soccer manga that are suitable to burn the enthusiasm and doubts of a true football lover to achieve their dreams.

1. Captain Tsubasa

Dafunda Otaku's Best Soccer Manga Recommendations
Captain Tsubasa Series

An old series that tells the story of the struggle Tsubasa Ozora this itself has received several updates or Remake versions. In the story, you will see the struggle of Tsubasa who since childhood dreamed of becoming a great player and being able to participate in international championships to defend his country.

Everything goes step by step and goes through a long process, along with exciting, sad and extraordinary stories that he experiences. This is a really cool recommendation for the best manga.

2. Whistle!

Dafunda Otaku's Best Soccer Manga Recommendations

The next best football-themed manga is a series called Whistle. This series tells about the story Sho Kazamatsurihe is a member of the famous Musashinomori Middle School’s third tier football club.

One day, he transfers to Sakura Josei Middle School because of his strong desire to play football. Sho was determined to start the first step with his new friends. This series itself teaches more about the value of friendship and cohesiveness in a team.

3. Lost Man

Dafunda Otaku's Best Soccer Manga Recommendations
Lost Man

In the story in the Lost Man series, the main character named Matsumoto couldn’t remember who he was and even where he came from. But he remembers one thing that has become a big part of him, which is his love of football.

While remembering and refining his identity, he works as a paid soccer player around the world. If you are looking for football tension in manga stories, this series is highly recommended.


Dafunda Otaku's Best Soccer Manga Recommendations

Finally, there is a recommendation for the best soccer manga which tells about a young man who lost his memory and was found standing on the beach.

In the story, there is a football club that is on the verge of collapse due to the loss of one of its best players. And the player in question is that young man, his name is Amakusa Cloth.

This manga combines elements of mystery and soccer into something unique and makes it a plus in itself. Confused and curious? Please follow the manga series.

Those are the four best football manga recommendations that are recommended for true football lovers. Septemberbe it could be, their stories are true or have happened in the world of Japanese football.