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3 Ways to Turn Off Rolling Wallpaper on Xiaomi

How to Turn Off Rolling Wallpaper on Xiaomi

Disabling scrolling wallpaper on Xiaomi phones – Wallpaper carousel is a feature that can change the image on the cellphone screen, where the wallpaper will continue to change within a certain time automatically.

This carousel wallpaper will change the image every time you lock the cellphone screen.

The carousel wallpaper itself, according to Mimin, is quite interesting because the wallpaper on our cellphone screen will always change and this is quite a treat for the eyes. in addition to making our cellphones look more fresh, the wallpapers displayed are also very good and spoil the eye.

but not everyone likes this scrolling wallpaper feature, because sometimes this feature makes the cellphone seem slow or slow, besides that it is quite consuming our cellphone battery.

so mimin also always disables this scrolling wallpaper feature. So for those of you who want to know how to turn it off, please follow the 3 ways you should try below:

First Way: Disabling Carousel Wallpaper on Lock Screen

  1. go to your Settings
  2. select the Lock Screen / lock screen section
  3. choose merry-go-round wallpaper
  4. turn it off by sliding the turn on button to the left
  5. done

The Second Way: Change the wallpaper to Static With the System Default Wallpaper

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Wallpaper
  3. Select profile
  4. Choose Wallpaper
  5. Please select the system wallpaper you want to use
  6. then click apply
  7. select as Home Screen
  8. Done

The third way: Change the wallpaper with the desired photo or image

  1. open filemanager or gallery
  2. select the image you want to use as wallpaper
  3. click the picture
  4. Select the 3 dots in the lower right corner
  5. set as wallpaper
  6. just choose both
  7. done

The following is an explanation of the 3 options that appear when you want to change the wallpaper:

Set As Lock screen : when my friend chooses this, then that means my friend will use the wallpaper only on the lock screen only. Wallpaper only appears on the lock screen.

Set As Home screen : if this choice, my friend will display the wallpaper only on the main screen only.

Both of them : if you select this section, it means the wallpaper will be active and appear on the main screen and on your lock screen.

So that’s the tutorial on turning off scrolling wallpapers on Xiaomi that you can try. because by making it a static wallpaper then the image will not scroll or change again.