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2 Ways to Know Your Xiaomi Cellphone Type

How to Check HP Type

Xiaomi cellphone type – The type of cellphone is a variant of the cellphone product itself which has different characteristics, codes and names. The increasing number of cellphone variants that appear makes us as users sometimes confused, especially for those who are new to smartphones in the current era.

knowing the type of cellphone is very important, this is so that we are not deceived when we want to buy our dream cellphone.

each type of cellphone has different specifications, such as the amount of storage, ram, camera, cpu and gpu are also different. So, therefore, my friend must know how to check the type of your cellphone.

How to Check Xiaomi HP Type

Here’s how to find out the type of your Xiaomi cellphone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select About Hp
  3. Select All Specifications
  4. In the product model section you can see the type of your cellphone

well this way you will be able to see briefly like the type of your xiaomi cellphone, the amount of cellphone ram, total storage and the SoC used.

but for the cellphone codename it is not available. to see the codename of the cellphone, you can try the second trick.

How to Check All Android Phone Types

the second way is that we can check the overall specifications of our android phone. this method applies to all xiaomi, oppo, vivo and samsung cellphones.

  1. Install the HW info application or click here to download it
  2. Then open the HW Info application
  3. Grant Access permission
  4. After the setup is complete, you will be able to see the whole type of your cellphone
  5. Click the System Tab
  6. In the Model section, the name of your android phone type will appear
  7. done

To find out the codename of your Android or Xiaomi cellphone, you can see it in the Devices and Products section of the System tab.

Well, the following video related to this article can be watched via the video below: