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2 Ways to Download Whatsapp Application

how to download whatsapp application on windows 10 laptop

WhatsApp application is familiar to everyone today, this chat application is widely used by both young and old people. This application has become very popular because it provides many conveniences for its users.

Well if you haven’t installed the WhatsApp application and want to know how to download it, you can use the 2 ways that I have shared below. here mimin share 2 different ways to download the wa application, good luck.

How to Download Whatsapp Application on Play Store

To download the WhatsApp application on the Playstore, you can follow these steps:

  1. open playstore
  2. in the search textbox please fill in “whatsapp or wa”
  3. click search or enter
  4. click install

if the above method is still unclear, you can watch a video tutorial on how to download whatsapp on playstore via this link.

How to Download Whatsapp Application on Windows

while for how to download the whatsapp application via windows 10 or other windows you can follow the steps below:

  1. open your browser
  2. access the website
  3. click download menu
  4. click get in from microsoft
  5. Click open on the popup menu that appears
  6. wait until the microsoft store opens
  7. if it is, it will be redirected directly to the download page of the wa application
  8. click get
  9. wait until the download and install process is complete
  10. done
if you want to watch a video tutorial for the windows version, you can see it in the video below:

So that’s 2 easy ways to download the WhatsApp application. You can try it yourself at home. make sure you have good internet so that the download process runs smoothly and successfully.