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2 Ways to Check Your Telkomsel Card Age

Check Telkomsel Card Age

Check the age of the Telkomsel card – On this occasion, Mimin will share 2 ways that you can try to find out the age of your Telkomsel card. both sympathy, and ace can try this trick to be able to check the age of the card.

To be able to see the age of your Telkomsel card, it can be done by checking the dial code and chatting with Telkomsel’s cs via Twitter.

Here’s how to check Telkomsel’s age:

The first way: Use the Dial Code

In this first method, we will use the dial code to find out the age of our Telkomsel card. please follow these steps:

  1. Dial *999#
  2. Choose number 3 Other Packages
  3. Choose Number 5 More
  4. Choose Number 6 More
  5. Choose Number 7 More
  6. Choose Number 8 Other services
  7. Choose Number 6 Check Card Age

Well now my friend will get info on the age of your Telkomsel card. The age that is informed is in the form of days since the card was first activated until now. Unfortunately you have to convert yourself from day to year, if you want to know how many years your card has been active.

The second way: Live Chat with Telkomsel’s customer service

You can do this second way by sending a help message to the Telkomsel service via Facebook, or Twitter.

Mimin himself has tried both, but what Mimin recommends is to contact Telkomsel’s cs via Twitter. because on fb it was answered by the same bot and the answer was also mutering around, different from the one on facebook.

So, here are the official social media from Telkomsel that you can send a message of help to:

Facebook :


For more details, please watch the video below:

Note: in the first method above, dial *999# cannot be used on the ace card service. Therefore, my friend must use the second method specifically for this ace card customer.

That’s information about how to find out the age of your Telkomsel card. I hope the above tutorial can be useful for all of you.

Thank you !