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2 Ways to Check the Latest Telkomsel Number With Dial Code

How to Check the Latest Telkomsel Number With Dial Code

Check Telkomsel Number – To find out the Telkomsel card number that we are using, it can usually be done via a dial code. The following are the two most frequently used dial codes to check Telkomsel numbers very easily.

First Dial Code

The simplest and most frequently used dial code to check Telkomsel numbers is *808#. This dial code is quite simple and practical, because it takes just one click and you will get your Telkomsel phone number information.

usually there will be an incoming sms and on the smartphone screen there will also be a popup notification that appears, don’t forget to take a screenshot to save the number.

Second Dial Code

the second telkomsel number check dial code is *888#. Yes, this dial code is the most popular because it is often used to check credit. but in this dial code we can also check our telkomsel number.

example how to check telkomsel number as follows:

  1. dial *888#
  2. choose number 3 Check Credit
  3. choose number 5 More
  4. select number 3 Check Number
  5. Done

different from the first dial code, the second dial code is indeed a bit complicated and quite long step by step.

please choose which dial code you want to use. if mimin himself chooses to use the first dial code, because it is more simple and practical. watch the following video to see an example of checking it:

That’s the information on how to find out our Telkomsel number. I hope this information can be useful for all of you.